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Electric Mountain Bikes

Let us introduce you to the best electric mountain bikes for sale out there. Featuring large, responsive tyres, hardtail suspension, and incredible builds, these bikes can take you places.

Why Choose emovement’s Electric Mountain Bikes

If you’re a thrill-seeker who looks forward to a challenge while cycling, look no further than an electric mountain bike. E-movement’s eMTBs incorporate a sturdy frame and fat tyres, enabling riders to navigate various terrains with ease. Don’t hesitate to gear up for adventure, as we promise improved traction and better balance with our stylish mountain e-bike options. 

Mountain-Road Duality

Whereas electric road bikes often only serve gravel, MTB ebikes can be ridden on roads and off-road trails alike. Work in the morning and mountain biking in the evening: get the best of both worlds.

Superior Hardtail Suspension System

Given the rough ground they have to span, mountain electric bikes need enhanced suspension systems for optimal shock absorption. At emovement, we stock hardtail suspension electric mountain bikes with powerful front suspension systems to give you the best of both worlds: smooth rides and efficient battery performance. 

Unlock low maintenance, reduced weight, stability, and enhanced steering with our e MTBs’ shock-absorbing front forks, guaranteeing front-end comfort and rear-end power. The cutting-edge system is bound to provide a thrilling yet safe ride no matter where you go. 

Large, Responsive Fat Tyres

If you wish to elevate your riding experience to extraordinary heights, you’ve come to the right place. All our mountain electric bikes boast 27 or 28-inch tyres, known for their stellar grip and responsiveness. Their wider profile not only strikes the perfect balance between robustness and agility, but they also provide enhanced stability and make sure your e-mountain bike has a low centre of gravity. You’ll find conquering any unpredictable trail a breeze with our mountain e-bikes.

Our fat tyres also align perfectly with the e-bike frame’s rugged aesthetic and sportiness, promising a comfortable and smooth ride. Since they absorb shocks and vibrations instantly, you’ll feel the difference our mountain e-bikes make and their allure as a true force in the off-road biking world. 

Robust Motor Performance

A power-packed motor is a must to enjoy your off-roading on those tricky mountain trails. Our electric MTBs integrate brushless rear-hub motors that ensure quieter, smoother rides while enhancing performance and efficiency through reduced friction. 

Our bikes excel on rough terrains and help you seamlessly ascend or descend steep inclines. And they’ll be your best friends on longer journeys due to their efficient power consumption, eliminating all fear of running out of battery life and getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. Whether you’re commuting through bustling city streets or navigating rocky paths, these motors will provide the power required to tackle every riding situation with unwavering confidence. 

Digitally Connected Throttles

Mountain biking requires extra boosts for sure but throttles are not exactly legal to use on roads. This is where digitally connected throttles come in.

At E-movement, our mountain e-bicycles all feature throttles that you can disconnect through the bike’s settings. You can keep your pedelecs functioning like legal electric road bikes on the roads and simply toggle the throttle on when you are out on those off-road trails. You could never get this flexibility with a normal mountain bike. Allow us to show you the best of both worlds.

3, 5, or 9 Levels of Pedal Assistance

Have you ever gotten stuck with a bike with too low a level of pedal assist? Well, nobody is losing control under our watch. Our electric MTBs even allow you to choose the number of levels of pedal assistance you require. By default, you will get 5 PAS levels, allowing for a significantly customisable ride. However, you can switch to 3 PAS levels if you are consistent with the level of electrical assistance you require, or nine levels if you need to precisely tailor your ride every time.

Unparalleled Weather Resistance

Withstand all elements of nature with emovement’s IP-65 waterproof rating- every electric bike is significantly resistant to water and dust particles. Be it bracing for a dust storm or cycling through heavy rain, your bike will remain a trusty companion throughout. Enjoy uncompromised mobility and stress-free manoeuvring at every turn or bump with these durable e-MTBs.

Make sure to cover your e-mountain bike battery with a battery cover in the rain or your bike with a bike cover. Never wash it with a pressure hose or ride it on the shore or a stream though, it’s not that waterproof.

Your Portable Power Stations

Concerned about your phone running out of battery when you are exploring those beautiful trails? Worry no more, for all emovement electric mountain bikes can function as your portable power stations! You can connect your device through the battery or the display and charge it seamlessly. Make sure to not drain your electric bike though: not only will that inconvenience you downhill, but draining electric bike batteries fully is never recommended. Make use of the full range!

High-Quality Hydraulic Disk Brakes

Given the UK’s steep and treacherous hilly grounds, the best electric mountain bikes have brakes that offer unparalleled stopping power. With us, you get mountain e-bikes with integrated hydraulic disc brakes. These brakes respond accurately and swiftly in the most demanding riding conditions and ensure consistent, fade-resistant performance. 

Experiment on different terrains with their superior control and modulation. The disc design accelerates heat dissipation, which prevents overheating to preserve the system’s longevity. It’s a one-time investment you don’t want to overlook. Halting abruptly or descending tricky hills will never be a problem with an emovement MTB.

Complementary Accessories

All our mountain e-bikes come with complementary accessories! In addition to a top-notch ride, you get mudguards for splash-free adventures and a rear rack for added convenience and storage. We also throw in a waterproof battery cover, a strong kickstand, and lights to improve visibility during the night for safety purposes. And if your electric bike supports it, you get a front basket too!

Our brand vision focuses on value-packed offers for all customers, you name it, our electricmountainbikes have it! 

Incredible Local Warranty

Always striving to stay among the top brands in the UK, at emovement, we offer stunning warranties on our e-bikes so you can explore the mountains with ease. With a four-year warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on electrical components, you can rest assured that you will be protected against all defects. And, as we are a local brand, you can claim your warranty and get repair or replacement done within a matter of days!

Fully Assembled 5-day Delivery

Get your e-mountain bike fully assembled at your doorstep! The lack of technical expertise isn’t going to stop anyone from getting an electricmountainbike under our watch. We will send you assembled and ready-to-ride e MTBs that you can begin riding as soon as you unwrap them! Plus, all our deliveries are insured against transit damages. Just make sure to take your time and examine your new e-mountain bike in front of the delivery personnel so you can identify any defects timely.

Electric Bike Finance Options Available

We understand that buying an e-MTB can be a bit of an investment. However, we are committed to ensuring that whoever wants an e-bike gets one. You can buy all emovement bikes through Klarna or Snap Finance, or use a cycle-to-work scheme certificate! We also offer many of our e-bikes in ex-demo and display options, allowing you to save around a quarter of the bike’s cost, if not more!

Buy Your Dream e MTB Now

E-bikes, particularly mountain bikes, have taken the world by storm, offering limitless opportunities for both commuters and adrenaline junkies. Buy one today to unlock a lifetime of adventures.

You can book a free test ride with us at Woking or Bike Parts Weston at Weston-super-mare. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns.