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Calling all those cyclists looking to avoid the hassle of mounting and dismounting their electric bikes due to the frame size! Here at E-Movement, we value inclusivity and cater to every rider’s individual needs and preferences. That’s why our collection of the best electric bikes for short riders may exactly be what you need to set off on thrilling adventures. Bonus, all of these are step-through for easy mounting!

Here are our top picks:

Troy Pro

As one of our most affordable electric road bikes, Troy redefines comfort and accessibility because of its low step frame style. The minimum height requirement for this bike is 5 ft 2, serving riders on the shorter end of the height spectrum. Now you can simply slide in and breeze past traffic effortlessly. Troy Prois a no-nonsense e-bicycle that is fast and lightweight, making it perfect for commuting. 

And you don’t want to miss out on its other incredible features, including a robust 250W motor, a 480Wh battery, Shimano disc brakes for full control, and a chic frame that will turn heads wherever you go. Every ride is a gratifying experience with Troy, especially on days when you need an extra boost to get to work or carry out your errands. 

Its incredibly light weight makes it especially suitable as an electric bike for short females.

Hunter Extreme

We highly recommend Hunter Extreme if you’re looking for a bold combination of style, versatility, and power. Whether you prefer cycling casually or tackling off-road trails, this folding electric bike has been built to accommodate a wide range of weights, mobility preferences, and heights. It’s time to say no to brands that don’t care; Hunter Extreme (particularly, the 20Ah version) incorporates a bespoke seat post and we’re happy to alter it to heights as low as 4.8ft. 

There’s also the added advantage of 3 motor options, 3 battery options, and the ability to conquer any terrain with its 20-inch fat tyres. The 20 and 27Ah options also make it an incredible long-range electric bike. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility with this all-rounder beauty. No adventure is out of reach when you opt for Hunter Extreme, blending impressive features with rugged performance wherever you go. Bonus: it folds!


Add a little colour into your life and say goodbye to boring rides with Pixie- a robust step-through, fat-tyre electric bike available in various pastel hues. No more choosing between power, fashion, and affordability! Short and tall riders alike can revel in this chic frame’s level-5 pedal assistance, 14Ah integrated battery for long range, and minimum 5.2 ft height. 

There’s no discrimination here as Pixie is perfect for those who struggle with mobility issues or wish to wear tight attire when cycling. You can also fold it up when you have to hop on public transport or need to store it in a cramped space. Our Pixie embodies convenience and comfort, ensuring it is the perfect adventure companion for anyone and everyone. 

Just note that as the bike is a fat-tyre one, it may be a little too clunky for you if you’re on the petite side. All measurements and weight specifications are given on the product page. 

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