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Are you looking to elevate your cycling adventures to extraordinary heights? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place! Revel in comfortable and carefree rides by opting for one of our full-suspension electric bikes that incorporate sturdy frames, responsive tyres, front and rear suspension systems, and much more. 

Why Choose Full-Suspension eBikes

Integrating advanced suspension systems in electric bicycles gives you maximum shock absorption while navigating various terrains. Our full sus e-bikes are designed to offer a perfect balance of smooth journeys and efficient battery use. Featuring low-maintenance and durable designs, they enhance stability and offer precise steering control due to their shock-absorbing front forks. This combination ensures both comfort at the front and reliable power at the back, providing a safe and exhilarating riding experience wherever you go. 

eMovement e-Bikes with Full Suspension

Whether you’re interested in a comfortable e-bicycle for daily commutes or a thrill-seeker looking for that extra boost, while off-road cycling, we have a range that will cater to all your needs and preferences: 

1. Commute

Commute is a lightweight, full-suspension folding road electric bike made specifically for the UK's roads, combining convenience and high-quality performance. For added ease of use, it comes equipped with a twist-and-go feature conveniently located at the right handle grip. Additionally, the bike boasts a removable battery secured with its own key lock system. Whether you're impressed by its substantial range of 33 km to 60 km or its robust electric braking system, our Commute folding e-bike is bound to impress. 

2. Panther v4.2 

If you’re into fat-tyre full-sus e-bikes, choose Panther. Not only does it come with 3 battery options, but we’ve also included a visual upgrade. You also get to enjoy an impressive group, a powerful motor, and the best price in the market. Sand or rocks, this electric bicycle has you covered! Panther folds, has three battery options, and can tackle any terrain with ease. 


Our electric bikes with full-suspension systems incorporate cutting-edge features that guarantee stress-free journeys: 

Multiple Pedal Assist Levels

Have you ever felt limited by a bike due to its pedal assist level being too low? Well, not if E-Movement has anything to do with it! Our full-suspension electric bikes offer adjustable levels of pedal assistance to suit your specific riding needs. The standard on these e-bicycles is level 5 PAS, providing a highly customisable experience. For riders who prefer consistency and don't require many adjustments, switching to 3 PAS levels is possible for simplifying control on the roads. But wait; it gets better. You can also choose a level 9 PAS when required.  

Extensive Battery Range

Experience the thrill of effortlessly conquering inclines and cruising on open roads with our full-suspension ebikes. Built to last and designed to go the distance, they boast exceptional frames and impressive battery life. This allows you to cover more ground on a single charge—making them a smart investment for any rider. We provide a variety of battery options, ranging from 10Ah for quick outings to 27Ah for extended adventures. Say goodbye to concerns of your electric bike running out of charge mid-journey; choose your battery level and hit the trails with confidence.

Powerful Rear Hub Motors

By opting for rear hub motors in our pedelecs, we help riders avoid the pitfalls of risky front hub motors and the high costs associated with mid-drive motors. These motors ensure efficient power delivery for a smooth cycling experience that is both safe and eco-friendly. Here's why rear hub motors stand out:

  • Incredibly Reliable

  • Powerful

  • Budget-friendly

  • Lightweight

  • Well-supported

Bid farewell to the struggle of ascending hills and welcome a world of seamless power assistance. Our full-suspension electric bikes are also equipped with hydraulic brakes that deliver reliable stopping power for enhanced safety and control. Whether you’re weaving through urban traffic or descending steep trails, you can rely on our collection to help you cycle efficiently and securely.

Complementary Accessories

You’ll be pleased to know that our full-su e-bikes come with multiple complementary accessories. We are committed to providing more than just a high-quality ride. Enjoy the likes of mudguards to keep you clean and dry, a rear rack for additional convenience and storage, and front and rear lights for safety during night journeys. Additionally, we also throw in a waterproof battery cover and a sturdy kickstand so you can protect your bike in various weather conditions. Our brand wholeheartedly believes in value-packed deals for everyone. 

Local Business Benefits

As a small, local business, purchasing from us means you’re supporting the local economy instead of larger multinational corporations that typically charge more. But the benefits don't stop there; we offer readily available spare parts, convenient access to bike repairs and maintenance, easy warranties, and free test rides. Simply reach out to us! 

Don’t also hesitate to take advantage of E-Movement’s various financing options and ongoing support services to ensure you receive top-quality customer care. 

Choose Your Dream Bike Today

Our full-suspension electric bicycles in the UK are the perfect choice, so grab the handlebars and step into a new era of sustainable and stylish transportation. For more details and queries, please visit our e-bike pages or get in touch with us at move@emovement.co.uk. 

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