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Rapid developments in the field of electric technology have always been influential for daily transport. We have seen fancy cars and heavy bikes having all the assistance of latest tech-savvy features, but bicycles are the most overlooked type of transport in terms of electric technology, even though a large number of people are engaged with them in their daily lives. That is the factor we are bringing change to.

E-Movement, a family-operated e-transport brand, was founded in 2018 with the ideas of innovation, comfort, and convenience, providing people with modern capabilities in simplest of forms.

E-Movement was one of the very first e-bikes brand in the United Kingdom, launched in 2019 after deep-rooted foundational research and detailed knowledge of fulfillment of the consumer market gaps. The company was built on the basis of providing people with innovative, easy, and quick transport methods, with optimum affordability and quality. Our “Carbon-smart” E-bikes are emerging as an eco-friendly lifestyle which is helping the UK and its residents to cut down Co2 emissions.

We knew that a lot of people around UK are fond of bikes, but most of them were sleeping on a uniquely-designed, modern invention of e-bikes. Moreover, people who wanted to experience the pleasure of e-bikes were becoming the victim of fraudulent schemes, fake marketing or no after sale services by online unverified sellers. Since then, we have made it our mission that people should be aware of sleek ways to travel with a minimum additional cost that makes their lives a lot easier. After the brief introduction of the e-bikes retailing brand, E-Movement faced immense growth which continued to gather the love of people. And why wouldn’t people love it? E-bikes are great vehicles to keep you active, energetic, timed, and allow you to enjoy a healthy sport of cycling without much pedaling effort.

E-Movement consists of a team of professionals that are extremely trained and qualified to work with e-bikes, knowing all the uses, advantages, and quality grades of electric bikes. The team had always imagined—and worked to realize that imagination—e-bikes to be more common with time, because they are great alternative to pollution-triggering vehicles.

Although the initial idea was to solely introduce e-skateboards in the market to help more people enjoy a young-adult sport of skateboarding, E-Movement has since grown beyond vision and have added more comfort-appealing vehicles, including e-bikes and e-scooters, and a large pool of accessories.

Currently, E-Movement has a large and diverse inventory of electronic sporting vehicles and their accessories. The company has yet introduced efficiently-designed models of e-bikes, such as The Commute, The Thunder, and The Thor, along with dual-suspension electric scooters and body-sensor enabled electric skateboards, having accessories to go with each, such as helmet, gloves, batteries, pedal locks, and more. But this is not the end for us. E-Movement has greater visions to convert to reality.

As a professional e-transport enthusiast and ambassador, E-Movement has an aim to continue making high-quality and cost-effective e-bikes and e-scooters to allow more people to enjoy its comfort and energy. We plan to optimize our business towards making more efficient bikes, so that people can cycle with happiness and stay in environmental shield of low-carbon exhibiting vehicles.

In today’s world, cycling has become a fashionable, trendy, and more enthusiastic sport. While a lot of people enjoy occasional cycling, some have made it a habit to do it regularly. At E-Movement, we plan to provide exclusiveness, availability, quality, and affordability for all kinds of enthusiasts, because we want people to Move Smart, Move Electric.