eBike Care and Maintenance Guidelines

Here's how to care for your new e-movement electric bike. Please note that failing to do so may void your warranty.

-Ensure your e-bike stays charged by recharging the battery after each ride.
-If in store, charge at least once every three months. -Clean your bike thoroughly after each ride. Use a clean dry cloth to clean display, battery and motor.
-When cleaning your e-bike, use waterless wash or mild soapy water, avoiding high-pressure hoses.
-Keep bike chain, cassette, brake pads / disc in clean condition.
-Always use approved cleaners.

Maintenance Guidelines

Remember that daily maintenance and cleaning is not a substitute for professional servicing.
Given the complex nature of electric bikes, they need more care than regular bicycles, particularly their motor, battery, and electric systems. Clean your e-bike with a damp cloth after every ride, regardless of its duration to prevent dirt, dust, and grime from reducing efficiency component efficiency over time.
Check the following:

-Nuts and Bolts: During your daily cleaning routine, take the time to check all nuts and bolts to ensure they are secure. Vibrations from riding, especially on rough terrain, can cause these to loosen. Tightening them regularly prevents parts from falling off and ensures your ride remains safe and smooth.

-Brake Pads/Discs: Checking for wear and ensure they are functioning properly. Cleaning the brake assembly with some good brake cleaners and replace the brake pads if needed. Don’t wait for your bike service for replacing the brake pads.

-Tyres and Rims: Inspect for signs of wear, punctures, or damage. Ensure tyre pressure is at the recommended level.
-Spokes: Make sure they are tight and the wheels are true (straight).

-Drivetrain: Keep the drivetrain well-lubricated.
-Battery: Keep the battery partially charged and store it in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing the bike with a flat battery and charge the battery only with the correct charger. Ensure the charging port is dry using a dry cloth or air spray.

Tyre and Rim Maintenance
Given the varying rough conditions of local roads, it is particularly important to daily check your e-bike's tyres, rims and spokes. One of the major causes of broken spoke is the loose spoke, which is commonly due to a rough terrain and vibration. Examine the rims for any dents or cracks, and make sure the spokes are tight and the wheels are aligned. Loose spokes should be tightened immediately to avoid further damage and to ensure safe riding. Inspect the tyres for signs of wear, punctures, or damage. Ensure that the tyre pressure is at the recommended level for your bike.

Regular Servicing

Servicing Intervals
Your e-bike should undergo thorough servicing at least after 30 hours of ride or after riding 500 miles, whichever comes first. Regular servicing by a professional ensures that all components are functioning correctly, and any minor issues can be addressed before they become major problems.

Components Checked During Service
During the service, the following components should be checked or replaced:

-Professional Cleaning: A deep clean of the entire bike. Brake Pads and Discs: Check for wear and replace if necessary.
-Derailleur, Cassette, and Chain: Clean, lubricate, and adjust or replace as needed. Gear Shifter: Ensure smooth operation.
-Rusted Nuts/Bolts: Remove and replace any rusted components. Electrical Terminals: Clean all electrical connections.
-Handle Alignment/Adjustment: Ensure proper alignment and adjustment.
-Tyres, Rims, and Spokes: Inspect for wear and proper alignment.
-Loose Terminals: Check and secure all loose electrical terminals.
-Battery health check: Check for moist on the battery / terminal and wipe it with a dry cloth. Check that the seal is intact