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Browse through our selection of stellar throttle electric bikes - definitely the best in the UK. You’ll find models with multiple pedal assist levels, unparalleled electric motor power and control, torque sensors, responsive fat tyres, and much more.

Why Choose Our Throttle E-Bikes?

Are you an avid cyclist looking to blend conventional cycling with convenience on those long, tiring journeys? If yes, a throttle electric bike is the way to go. 

Let’s face it: much as pedal-assist electric bikes are convenient, sometimes we all crave that immediate acceleration without the initial effort. Enter our throttle e-bikes: a game-changer in the electric biking world. With the push of a button, electric bikes with throttle supply power propel you forward, merging effortless control with exhilarating speed and full power.

Dive into E-Movement’s distinguished collection of pedal assist models, handpicked for their robust design and catering to city commutes, steep hills, adventurous trails, and much more. Whether you’re navigating bustling streets or exploring the stunning countryside, these bikes will stand as your steadfast companions no matter where you go.

Why Electric Bikes with Throttles?

Exploring the idea of an e-bike with throttle? Here’s why you’re making an excellent choice that includes numerous benefits:

  • Effortless Riding: Just twist the throttle and let your e-bike do the rest.

  • Multiple Modes: Switch between your bike’s throttle and pedal assistance with ease based on your mood and terrain difficulty.

  • Savings Galore: Save on transport costs and enjoy eco-friendly, longer rides.

  • Speed and Efficiency: Bypass traffic on packed roads and reach your destinations faster.

  • Customised Journeys: Control your ride’s pace, be it a leisurely cruise or a speedy dash.

  • Fit For All: Ideal for both novices and pros; you can customise your effort with throttle control.

Get The Best E-Bike Experience With E-Movement

Have you grown weary of lacklustre e-bikes that don’t quite hit the mark? Don’t worry- here at E-Movement, we aim to offer the best throttled electric bikes the UK has ever seen. Every electric bike in our line-up has been engineered for peak performance, ensuring instant acceleration at the touch of a button and allowing riders to avoid excessive physical strain while riding.

Experience seamless transition between modes for smooth rides, especially during the UK’s unpredictable rush hours.

When you opt for our brand, it’s not just about the ride – it’s about peace of mind. Benefit from local warranties that protect your e-bike with throttle in the UK from manufacturing issues and poor performance. 

Instant Acceleration with Throttle Control

Dive into a world of both power and precision with these electric bikes’ throttle. The advanced electrical system accelerates you from a standstill to maximum speed in moments. Unlike traditional pedalling, where momentum builds gradually, this added assistance feature provides an instant boost to push riders forward with vigour.

As a result, our throttle-assisted e-bikes are great at maintaining stability and control. Every design aspect of our e-bikes is meticulously crafted, from the throttles’ ergonomic positioning to the bike’s overall balance.

Whether you’re navigating crowded city streets, looking for an added push for quick overtaking, or simply want to enjoy the landscape without much physical effort, modern e-bikes offer both the thrill and safety.

Unmatched Speed and Efficiency

E-Movement’s electric bikes with throttle cater to modern and older riders alike who value time and performance, providing an edge like no other. We integrate powerful e-bike motor systems, multiple battery options, and  throttles can tap into speeds that rival traditional bikes. And the best part? You can achieve this without exhaustive pedalling.

Additionally, they help reduce energy wastage. If you routinely navigate various terrains and bumpy roads for extended periods, you’ll be pleased to know that the throttle’s efficiency enables optimal energy utilisation and gives you more mileage for every ride. This means you’re not only reaching destinations faster but also doing so with a consistency and maximum speed that’s hard to find in standard bikes.

No more compromise between speed and sustainability; you’ll get the best of both worlds!

Inclusive collection

We don’t believe in putting out the same copies of models out there: every single electric bike in our collection has something unique to offer. Whether you are of smaller stature and looking for women’s electric bikes, need a step-through e-bike for easy mounting, looking for an affordable commuter or want to splurge on a large mountain e-bike with a rear rack and full power, you will find something in our collection of throttle electric bikes. You’ll even find bikes that can take you a hundred miles or more with a single battery charge!

Adaptable to Every Terrain

All of our pedal-assist electric bikes promise versatility regardless of the landscape, ensuring you’re equipped for every journey. Be it pedalling on challenging mountain trails, sandy beaches, or bustling city streets, these e-bikes have powerful motors that effortlessly adapt to deliver consistent performance and unmatched durability.

Depending on your model, you can get fat tyres that offer superior grip on various terrains or slick tyres to fly you through the roads. Advanced suspension enables a smooth ride even on the roughest grounds. Enjoy the flexibility to reach maximum speed systems on your terms, even when you’re carrying cargo with you. With a throttle e-bike, you’re investing in a reliable companion for all your adventures.

Eco-Friendly Thrills

Calling all cyclists committed to embracing the future of sustainable commuting! Fear not because we understand the urgency and significance of reducing humankind’s carbon footprint. Besides offering exhilarating speed and power, our electric bikes also promote a green mode of transportation. Every ride you embark on will guarantee adrenaline and the satisfaction of making an eco-conscious choice.

Using clean electric energy helps electric bike riders avoid contributing to air pollution or depleting non-renewable resources. As urban areas struggle with environmental challenges and traffic congestion, these throttle-controlled e-bikes present a solution that blends excitement with responsibility.

Ride with the confidence that every thrill is paired with an unwavering commitment to our planet.

Safety at High Speeds

Speed should never come at the cost of safety. Our throttle e-bikes boast cutting-edge safety features: precision hydraulic disc brakes for instant stopping, powerful rear hub motors, reliable torque sensors, anti-skid tyres for optimal grip, dynamic LED lights that enable you to remain visible during low-light conditions, and much more. 

Enhanced Power Boost

Beyond just capacity, our reliable battery technology features an advanced power management system. This optimises battery use based on riding style and terrain, warranting better power boost and consistent delivery.

Any downtime is drastically reduced to get riders back on the road faster due to the rapid charging capabilities. We assure you that you’ll always be ready for the next adventure if you choose our bikes with twist throttles.

Various Pedal-Assist Levels

We also redefine personalization on the go with these e-bikes by including multiple pedal-assist levels at your disposal. Every ride is tailor-made to suit your mood and requirements.

If you fancy a gentle pedal assistance boost for relaxed cruises or more power assist to conquer steep inclines, pick a throttle electric bike UK from our range of choices. It’s safe to say that you’ll always be in chargez of your riding experience when using the thumb throttle!

Our advanced technology ensures seamless transitions between pedal-assist levels, providing an intuitive and responsive riding experience. Dive into the world of bespoke biking and feel the difference with E-Movement’s unparalleled pedal-assist range, power, and speed.

Explore the World of Accessories and Add-ons

Your throttle e-bike experience shouldn’t just stop at the bicycle. Explore our expansive range of accessories tailored for every electric bike enthusiast. From state-of-the-art helmets to stylish storage solutions like a front or rear rack, each accessory is designed to enhance your biking adventure. Check our add-ons and gear; we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Small Business Benefits

As a small, locally-owned business, buying from us entails supporting the local economy rather than splurging on multinational companies that typically charge more. But wait, it gets better; things like bike repairs and maintenance, spare parts, and free test rides are easily available. All you have to do is reach out to us! We’re here to ensure you can purchase the best throttle electric bike in the UK without any hurdles. At E-Movement, we also offer financing options and provide ongoing services, ensuring you get the best service out there.

Excellent Local Warranty

At E-Movement, we aim to be one of the top brands in the UK, and that’s why we offer excellent warranties for our electric throttle bikes. You get a four-year warranty for the frame and a one-year warranty for electrical parts, protecting you from any defects and issues at all times! And since we’re a local brand, you can easily claim your warranty and get repairs or replacements done on your electric bike with throttle within a few days in the UK!

Join the E-Movement Revolution!

With a reputation for excellence and a passion for innovation, E-Movement invites you to be a part of the e-bike revolution. Visit our website, book a test ride, or drop us a message. Whether you’re a seasoned biker or a newbie, prepare to be enthralled by the future of biking. Get your e-bikes with throttles today.

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