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Welcome riders! At E-Movement UK, we celebrate the rise of electric bikes, and are passionate about making every trip the best it can be. Dive into our curated range of top-notch electric bike accessories designed specifically for the UK's dedicated e-bike owner.

Rider Accessories

Here's what we have for riders:

Helmet with Integrated Lights

Cruise confidently on UK roads with our helmets, which do more than just protect. Integrated with powerful lights, our helmet keeps you visible during those dusky evenings and early mornings.

Leather Gloves

Elegance meets Functionality! Experience the timeless allure of leather gloves. Crafted with Nappa leather for sophistication, our gloves ensure warmth, durability, and a tactile grip. Leather gloves aren't just complementary accessories for e-bikes. Whether you're riding, driving, or simply stepping out, these gloves elevate every moment. Comfort and class, hand in hand.

Protective Gear Set

Guard up in Style! Venture with confidence with our protective gear set and stop fearing the falls that are sometimes inevitable when riding electric bikes. Expertly designed to shield your knees, elbows, and wrists from unforeseen impacts, these pads promise safety without skimping on comfort. Whether you're skating, cycling, or engaging in action sports, prioritise protection without compromising mobility.

Electric Bike Accessories

Enhancing the convenience and safety of electric bikes, these accessories are must-haves:

High-Quality Bike Lock

Peace of Mind, Lock-in! Your e-bike is an investment – and we help you protect it with the right electric bike accessories. Our robust combination bike lock offers state-of-the-art security, ensuring your e-bike remains yours. Plus, our user-friendly designs ensure securing your e-bike is a breeze.

Rear Rack

Expand, Pack, Go! Need more space for your grocery haul? Our rear rack guarantees you don't leave any essentials behind. Its durable build ensures it can take the weight of your luggage and panniers, and the sleek design keeps your e-bike looking sharp. Be the e-biker who has it all!

Electric Bike Charger

Stay Charged, Stay Ahead! Never lose pace with our efficient electric bike chargers. Whether you're charging at home or work, our chargers promise speed and durability.

We stock 42V and 54.6V regular ebike chargers and a 54.6V fast charger

Front Basket

Accessorise Front and Centre! Make a statement right from the get-go. Our front baskets meld functionality with flair, allowing you to store essentials within arm's reach. Curated for modern e-bike riders, they offer style without compromising convenience. E-bikes are truly here to serve all your needs, acting as dependable companions in every situation.

Electric Bike Cover and Bag

Shield Your Steed! Safeguard your electric bike with our premium bike covers and bags. Tailored to fit, these dust and water-proof covers provide robust protection against sun, rain, and external elements. Made with durable materials, they ensure your e-bike remains pristine and performance-ready, no matter the weather. Preserve your ride, come rain or shine.

Electric Bike Spares

E-Bike Hydraulic Brakes

Precision Stopping Power! Elevate your braking experience with our state-of-the-art hydraulic brakes. Engineered for instant response and consistent performance, they employ fluid dynamics to provide unparalleled stopping force, even in wet conditions. Gone are the days when people hesitated to step out in the rain or snow on their e-bikes. Whether descending steep terrains or navigating city streets, trust in a brake that delivers every time.

We have regular hydraulic brakes and Logan brakes, both. 

Electric Bike Displays

Digital Command Center On The Go!

  • Bafang Display: Dive into precision with the coloured Bafang e-bike display. Known for its intuitive interface, crisp visuals, and optimal brightness, it provides real-time data and control at a glance. Seamlessly toggle between modes and monitor vital stats for an informed and enhanced riding experience. These days, everyone is opting for e-bikes due to their convenience and technological advancement.

  • S866 Display: Elevate your ride dynamics with the black and white S866 e-bike display. Boasting crisp graphics and user-friendly controls, this display ensures you're always in command. From tracking speed and distance to battery status, the S866 offers a harmonious blend of tech and function.

Ride smart, ride informed with our top-tier e-bike display selections. Effortlessly integrate technology into every journey.

Twist Throttle with Ignition

Rev Up with a Twist! Experience the perfect blend of control and convenience with our twist throttle featuring integrated ignition. Expertly designed for immediate responsiveness in electric bikes, it ensures instant power delivery with just a simple wrist action. Couple that with a reliable ignition system, and you've got effortless starts and fluid acceleration at your fingertips. Unleash the power, one twist at a time.

Other Bits and Bobs

Crafted Precision for Every Ride!

  • Derailleur Hooks: Keeping your shifting in check, our derailleur hooks ensure that your derailleur remains positioned perfectly, safeguarding against mis-shifts and preserving gear integrity.

  • Inner Tube: The unsung hero of smooth rides. Our premium inner tubes promise resilience, ensuring optimal pressure retention and puncture resistance for seamless journeys.

  • Shimano Derailleur: Synonymous with excellence in cycling, our range of Shimano derailleurs ensures swift, precise, and smooth gear changes, enhancing performance every time.

  • Brake Disks: When precision stopping is crucial, our brake disks come to the rescue. Designed for consistent performance and minimal wear, they promise control, durability, and reliability, rain or shine.

  • Bike Tyres: Roll on confidently with our specially designed electric bike tyres. Engineered to integrate with rear-hub motor sets flawlessly, they offer optimum traction, durability, and a smooth rolling experience.

  • Electric Bike Batteries: Power your journeys with our diverse range of e-batteries. Whether you're looking for 10Ah, 12.8Ah, 14Ah, or the robust 20Ah, we've got the energy to keep you moving. Longer rides, fewer charges.

  • Crankshaft: The heart of your bike's mechanics. Our crankshafts are robustly constructed, ensuring longevity, optimum power transfer, and a smoother pedal feel.

  • Crankset: Optimise your pedalling efficiency with our high-performance cranksets. Tailored for varying rider needs, they seamlessly transfer rider energy into motion.

Move with assurance, knowing every part and spare is crafted for excellence. Quality, performance, and durability, all in one place.

Why Choose Us?

  • Local Love: We're not just in the UK; we're of the UK. Our products are chosen with local riders in mind.

  • Affordability Meets Quality: High quality needn't come with a high price tag. Explore our range of essential e-bike accessories that promise durability without denting your wallet.

  • Expertly Curated Range: From baskets to batteries, we stock it all. Handpicked and tested, every product promises to elevate your e-bike experience.

  • Stellar Customer Service: Queries? Concerns? Compliments? Reach out! Our team is always eager to help. As a bonus, we also provide affordable repair and maintenance for e-bikes.

Get Your eBike Accessories Today!

Owning an e-bike is about embracing a lifestyle – a greener and fun-filled one. Our electric bike accessories are curated to enhance this lifestyle, ensuring every trip is memorable. Whether it’s enhancing safety, upping the style quotient, stocking up on spares, or ensuring the e-bike’s longevity, we’ve got something for every bike enthusiast. Discover the difference quality accessories make. Dive into our collection of both e-bikes and add-ons today!

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