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a bump-free ride.
Panther sports full suspensions, removal LG cells
and can be folded for easy transport and storing.
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The Hunter; Foldable &
impressively high end
The foldable commute bike is an excellent choice for sweat free commuting to work or off-road leisure. Shop Now
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Ian Wyyne

Ok so I bought the Hunter E-Bike from Emovement and they have not disappointed. Firstly the communication and advice I received from the team was outstanding. Gave me good advice and answered all the questions I had which gave me the confidence to order. The bike came fully assembled and only took 3 working days which again showed outstanding service. Then to top it off I’ve just completed my first 10 mile ride on the bike and all I can say is WOW! The bike feels great, the peddle assist is incredible and it looks amazing. Very very satisfied and so glad I choose this specific bike. Thank you for your service 👍🏻 This is my first ebike and to be honest I can’t imagine other bikes for this price being anywhere near as good or as fun to ride as this one! 100% recommend the Hunter Ebike


Oliver Dykes

What can I say. This company put most ive ever dealt with to shame. Their customer service is impeccable and will go out of their way to ensure you have an amazing experience, even after the 9-5 phone lines close! I received my Thor and absolutely love it, extremely high quality bike for a low price! The look, ride, build and technology is fantastic. If anyone is after a MTB/hybrid all around cruiser this is the one to go for. It manages all sorts of terrain and the battery and motor is excellent. I look forward to many more purchases with this company and would highly recommend them if you are in the market for a e-bike. Keep up the amazing work guys


Meenakshi Slathia

Excellent scooters! Impressed by the staff and their kind way of treating their customers. Loved the collection of scooters! The scooter I bought is such high quality for the best price!! Worth my time n money!


Steve Charteris

I’ve had my Thunder E-Bike for a few months now, and I couldn’t be more happy 😁 The whole transition from car owner to E-Bike user was made a very pleasant and stress-free experience thanks to E Movement 👍 When I called them to enquire about a bike, I was given very helpful advice which was important to me knowing nothing about E-Bikes, delivery was prompt with good communication, I had a problem with the battery lock and asked if they would send me the replacement part and I would fit it rather than send the whole bike back, they agreed and soon sent me the part which I replaced successfully, The bike itself is FANTASTIC and starts more conversations than I can count, if anyone wants to know details about the bike itself I’d be happy to help where I can. This is longer than I anticipated lol but to sum up, E Movement deserve the credit for providing me with a great bike and great service/after care service, and to finish I want to add I haven’t received ANY free goods, discount financially or otherwise! Just believe in credit where it’s due! I would highly recommend them 1👍😁

Muhammed Faheem

Love the fat tires on the bike, makes it more sturdy when riding and givings a good grip even perfect for icy weather conditions. Loving it ??


Ross Kaye

Would recommend travelled five hours to deliver my E Bike, had no problems at all with thunder e bike would  recommend the bike to anyone


Ann Leggo

Fantastic Company and bike. Couldn’t be happier. I have the Commute and it does everything and more.


Callum Boothroyd

Amazing products at a cheap price with extremely friendly and professional staff! my first proper e-bike. The Thunder has been absolutely incredible.