Ride Revamp: Bike to Electric Bike Conversion

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Electrify Your Ride With Us!

Introducing E-Movement’s ‘Ride Revamp’ – where we transform your beloved bike into a cutting-edge electric powerhouse, so you don’t need to part ways with your faithful two-wheeler. We simply add an electric boost to it, amplifying your ride quality to a whole new level of fun and efficiency.

Our expert team will retrofit your bike with our top-of-the-line electric and drivetrain components, designed and tested to perfection for easy installation. This isn’t just an upgrade – it’s a revolution. It’s all the freedom, fitness, and fresh air of cycling, supercharged with the speed, range, regenerative braking, and effortless power of electric bikes.

Get ready to ride further, climb higher, and explore more with less effort. Join the electric bike revolution today without giving up your favourite ride. Bring in your bike, and we’ll electrify it!

Bike to Electric Bike Conversion: Making the Right Choice

Here, located near the heart of the UK, we offer top-notch electric bike conversions that will revolutionise your cycling experience. 

While there are two common approaches to converting your old bike into an e-bike, we firmly believe that the professional approach is the more practical option for a truly remarkable transformation.

Professional E-Bike Conversion: A Sophisticated Approach

At E-Movement, we take electric bike conversion to a whole new level with an advanced and comprehensive transformation process. Our skilled bike specialists team is well-versed in converting regular bicycles into custom-built high-performance e-bikes. And no, this is not equivalent to just fitting a crude e-bicycle conversion kit that has a hub motor and a battery. 

Here’s what sets our approach apart:

i. A Complete System Built By Experts

Most regular electric bike conversion kits only come with a battery, motor front hub, and display. In contrast, professional bike-to-electric bike conversion services fit a controller, electric motor, pedal sensor, different wheel sizes and battery options, battery management system, and a feature-packed-display. This helps turn your bike into a smooth machine that functions without hiccuping.

This is the exact same process e-bike manufacturers use to build electric bikes from scratch. Your new electric bicycle will also let you choose between various pedal assist levels and may or may not get a throttle based on your preferences. 

All parts and cycling tech we fit will be the exact same that E-movement’s electric bikes use, so rest assured all of these have been tested for quality time and time again. 

ii. Personalised Solutions 

We aren’t just retrofitting a one-size-fits-all e-bike conversion kit on top of all bicycles. Since each bike is unique, our conversion process will be tailored to suit your specific bike model and preferences, mitigating all compatibility-related concerns. This personalised approach will ensure that your e-bike not only performs optimally but also retains its original charm. 

All the electric components we integrate into your bike are used in our own manufactured e-bikes as well, such as the battery, front disc brake, motor, controller, torque sensor, LCD display, etc. So, we assure you that your bike’s quality will only improve with the best quality parts. Let’s ride into a greener, faster, and more enjoyable future together!

iii. Unparalleled Flexibility

You will have a choice of batteries ranging from 7 to 20 Ah and Motors of 250 Watts, 350 Watts, and 500 watts, allowing you to build an electric bike conversion that suits your lifestyle perfectly. Note that your options may vary depending on your bicycle’s frame,  build, sturdiness, shape, and quality.

Our sophisticated approach guarantees a top-notch electric converted bike that delivers exceptional performance, extended range, and enhanced riding comfort. You’ll experience the joy of effortless pedalling, maximum range, and the thrill of conquering challenging terrains with ease.

iv. Convenience at Your Doorstep

Distance is no obstacle! We offer pick-and-drop services from any location within the UK, making the conversion process hassle-free and convenient for you. Schedule your electric conversion with a single call to our UK company, or ask for the great advice our experts offer if you’re unsure about where to start with your e-bike conversion.

Make the Smart Choice With Electric Bikes

When it comes to converting your regular bike into an extraordinary e-bike, the choice is clear. Electric bike conversion kits may offer a quick fix, but they fall short in terms of performance, power assistance, compatibility, and overall satisfaction.

Let us provide you a premium electric bike conversion experience. 

Take the next step towards electrifying your cycling journey! Contact us today, and our team will guide you through the process of transforming your beloved bicycle into an exceptional electric ride. 

What a Professional Electric Bike Conversion Service Includes

I. Assessing Your Bike for Sturdiness 

An electric bike has to be sturdy enough to handle the extra weight of additional components; otherwise, you will be at risk of toppling over. We will ask for your bicycle’s model name so that we can confirm it is suitable for the conversion process. This will ensure you only spend your money if it’s worth it

II. The Right Battery Placement 

E-bikes vary in their weight distribution, and heavy batteries fitted incorrectly may cause your bike to go off balance. Our experts know the term and perfect placement for your battery pack and will give you all the options to choose one that suits your cycling habits and budget the most. 

Batteries are commonly placed in the down tube, seat post, or rear rack.

III. Integrating a Rear Hub Motor

Front hub motors are risky because they add extra weight to the front wheel and reduce overall balance. For this reason, we do not fit them. On the other hand, mid-drive motors are incredibly hard to build on pre-built bikes. Here, rear hub motors offer the most economical and safe option and are positioned on the rear tyre. We use rear hub motors in all E-movement electric bikes anyway, as we know how essential motor position is to the riding experience.

IV. Installing a Controller 

A controller manages the power flow from the battery to the motor, based on inputs like throttle, cadence sensor, or pedal-assist level. 

Controllers are integral to the efficient working of electric bikes. This is where e-bike conversion kits and professional conversion diverge; your crude e-bicycle conversion kits do not allow enough flexibility to let you choose between different pedal assist levels.  

A controller, however, will enable your electric bike to offer multiple pedal assistance levels so you can find the perfect mix between physical effort and electrical assistance

V. Safe Wiring 

The wiring connects the motor, battery, and controller. These need to be routed carefully to avoid getting caught in the bike's moving parts. If you attempt to wire a bike at home and do it incorrectly, it may pose a safety risk for you. 

We will connect all the systems securely and install wires in a way that they are safe from weather elements and not a tangling or electrocuting hazard for you. 

VI. Testing and Adjustment

Finally, we test your new electric bike to make sure that it is working perfectly. This might involve adjusting the controller settings, checking the balance and handling of the bike, and making sure all the parts are securely installed. You can also take it for a test ride once the motor sits securely and all the other electric components have been installed to ensure it’s up to your standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric bike conversion kits worth it?

Unless you already have your own bike, buying one along with an electric bike conversion kit for fitting is unlikely to be worth the effort, money, or time involved. These e-bike conversion kits can be faulty, unreliable, and dangerous. Sure, purchasing an electric bike conversion kit might seem like a cheap alternative, but the costs eventually add up.

Will a bike shop fit my electric bike conversion kit?

Electric bike conversion kits can be applied to most bikes, including road, mountain, and hybrid bikes. Whether or not you can obtain an e-bike conversion kit depends on the services offered at local or nearby bike shops. Most places typically lack the kit options and expertise to integrate the electric base unit and provide you with a complete electric bike.

Can you convert any bike into an electric bike?

Many bicycles can be converted to e-bikes by incorporating an electric motor with a battery included to provide an effortless riding experience. Before you decide to invest in a converted bike, consider your area's legal requirements, e-bike conversion kit compatibility, and warranty implications. Do your research and ask local bike shops and experts.

Are electric bike conversion kits legal?

Many kits and e-bike conversion services are legal in the UK, but be careful regarding your warranty. A brand-new bicycle will most likely be covered by the manufacturer's warranty, so be sure to check its terms and conditions before making any conversions. A direct electric bike conversion can be reversed and doesn't permanently modify your bike.

Should I just buy an electric bike instead?

An electric bike conversion is cheaper than buying a factory-made e-bike. Additionally, the best electric bikes may not be available on the market and inflation has made it harder to find an electric bike that meets your price point. Converting your regular bike to an e-bike is a great way of repurposing and making it more useful.

However, if you believe your bike is weak or you don’t have one, to begin with, just head over to our electric bike collection to browse UK’s best electric bikes. 

Is an Electric Bike Worth It?

E-bikes are worth the investment because they enable riders to travel longer distances and make pedalling easier with electric assistance, especially for people having mobility or joint issues. Whether you want to explore off-road trails or breeze past traffic during rush hour, an e-bike will be by your side every step of the way. They also offer several health benefits while providing a cheaper and more environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

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