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    Thunder v4.2 eMTB

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    Panther v4.2

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  • Panther in Blaze is a beautiful fire engine red ebike by emovement with dual suspension, a rear rack and fat tyres Ex-Demo eBikes for Sale - Best Electric Bikes Under £1000
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    Ex-Demo eBikes for Sale - Best Electric Bikes Under £1000

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    Hunter Extreme

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    Aries eMTB

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    Troy Pro

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    Thunder Blank Canvas

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If you want to commute on empty roads and breeze up inclines without any effort, look no further than our electric bikes with removable batteries. When you pick a bicycle from E-Movement’s collection, you are signing up for extensive battery life and quality build. 

Why Choose Our Electric Bikes with Removable Batteries?

From robust fat tyre e-bikes to convenient step-thru road-legal versions, our frames come in a range of battery options. Whether you opt for the 27Ah rating to cover long distances or the 10Ah for short trips, a single-charge cycle will last you for a couple of rides. Gone are the days when you worried about being stranded in the middle of nowhere due to your battery’s charge running out. And since almost all of our electric bikes feature batteries feature a removable battery, you can store them inside during harsh weather conditions for prolonged use and functionality. 

We assure you that these bikes are worth the investment! They also include several other features that will ensure your cycling adventures are always comfortable and enjoyable:

i. Easier Pedalling

Not everyone possesses the energy, ability, or stamina to adopt cycling as their primary mode of transportation. This is where electric bikes, with or without, removable batteries come in. Our collection is equipped with electric motors and lithium-ion batteries to provide an extra boost to your pedalling efforts. Whether you choose to pedal and switch to motor assistance when required or prefer to glide effortlessly using electric assistance, E-Movement e-bicycles offer the flexibility to adapt to your energy levels on any given day.

ii. Durable, Comfortable and Elegant Designs

Ride with style on our electric bikes, as they epitomise high performance, efficiency, and elegance. Their power assistance and sleek design are bound to empower riders to seamlessly tackle challenging trails, group outings, and long journeys. Not only will you turn heads wherever you go, but you can also experience the ease of navigating different terrains. 

Our ebikes with removable batteries also incorporate lightweight frames, dropped handlebars for an aerodynamic position, shock-absorbing forks, and spectacular performance that rivals traditional bikes. For those in the UK who wish to push their limits and ride faster and further, these extended-range bicycles are an ideal purchase. 

Please note that whereas aluminium frames are lightweight, fat tyres and electrical components can add to the bike’s overall weight. 


  • Troy or Commute for lightweight electric bikes

  • Aries and Thunder as electric mountain bikes with removable battery

  • Panther, Commute, Pixie, and Hunter as folding electric bikes with removable battery

  • All out ebikes minus Commute and Troy as fat tyre ebikes with removable batteries

iii. Safety First

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. We are committed to ensuring that our products are crafted with sophisticated safety features and high-quality components for a reliable and smooth riding experience at all times. Equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for superior stopping power and (mostly) 27 or 20-inch fat tyres for improved grip and shock absorption, our electric bikes deliver outstanding control and stability, even on rough terrains. E-Movement guarantees unmatched comfort during your rides so that you can enjoy your adventures consistently and without compromise.

iv. A Collection for Everyone

Each bike in our collection is unique; we don’t believe in manufacturing identical models. If you’re looking for effortless mounting and dismounting, pick a step-thru e-bike. Our women’s electric bikes are perfect for riders with a smaller stature, while the eMTBs are well-suited for thrill-seekers with their robust motors and rear racks. Explore our diverse collection and find a bike that best suits your needs and preferences.

v. Various Motor Variants

You’ll be pleased to know that all our electric bikes come in both road-legal and off-road versions. City riders can opt for the 250W motor, as it complies with UK road regulations and is always up for urban adventures. If you prefer cycling on more rugged terrain, consider E-Movement’s more robust 350W or 500W models that are designed for off-road excitement. These motors are: 

  • Extremely reliable

  • Lightweight

  • Backed by impressive warranty and aftercare packages

  • Budget-friendly

  • Powerful

Keep in mind that if your e-bike’s motor power exceeds 250W, it needs to be registered and licensed as a moped for use. 

vi. Impressive Local Warranty

At E-Movement, we constantly strive to maintain our position as one of the top electric bike brands in the UK. Our brand provides exceptional warranty on all bikes so that you can tackle your preferred terrain with confidence. Revel in a four-year warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on electrical components (please refer to our T&Cs for details), giving you comprehensive protection against defects. The best part? Being a local brand entails that you can get replacements or repairs done within a few days due to the quick and straightforward warranty claim process. Not only are we committed to delivering the best UK ebikes with removable batteries but we also include added benefits to enhance your riding experience.

vii. Multiple Finance Options

We recognise that purchasing an electric bicycle can be a significant investment. If you’re on a budget, you can get your e-bikes on finance with 0% and higher APR or via the Cycle to Work scheme as well. We also stock our ex-display e-bikes. Our flexible financing options like Klarna and v12 enable riders to purchase any emovement bike without worrying about breaking the bank. We’re on a mission to make it easier and more affordable for riders to get on the road or trail with a high-quality bike.

Get Your Dream Electric Bike Today!

There’s no doubt that micro-mobility is the future, so why wait? We stock the best electric bikes with removable batteries in the UK for sure!

E-Movement’s extensive collection of chic, comfortable, and efficient bikes guarantees that there is something for everyone, no matter your experience level with cycling. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to take one of our e-bikes for a test ride before you make your decision.

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