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    Thunder v4.2 eMTB

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    Thor Hybrid eMTB

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    Hunter Extreme

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    Troy Pro

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    Aries eMTB

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    Panther v4.2

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  • Thunder emovement black fat tyre electric mountain bike emovement black fat tyre electric mountain bike called thunder
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    Thunder Blank Canvas

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  • Panther in Blaze is a beautiful fire engine red ebike by emovement with dual suspension, a rear rack and fat tyres Ex-Demo eBikes for Sale - Best Electric Bikes Under £1000
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    Ex-Demo eBikes for Sale - Best Electric Bikes Under £1000

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Electric Bikes. It's What We Do

Since our inception in 2018, we've championed the electric bike movement in the UK. Those foundational days saw emovement diving into an e-bike market ripe for innovation. And innovate, we did. Our commitment extends far beyond the initial sale.

Our customers can testify: whether it's routine and affordable servicing, unexpected repairs, sourcing specific spare parts, or navigating warranty claims, we're right by your side. We stock electric bikes that are diverse, and we are proud of it. Whatever your needs or body type, there's a perfect electric bicycle waiting for you, and we can guarantee it'll be so much fun. Different functionalities? We've got it covered. And let's talk about pricing. We believe in offering real value - our price levels are competitive without sacrificing quality. It's a delicate balance, and we've nailed it.

With our e-bikes, you're not just choosing a mode of transport. You're investing in health, savings, and a sustainable future. Join us in making a difference.

Get the Best Electric Bicycles: Electric Mountain Bikes, Folding, Commuter, and More

Dive into our diverse and eco-friendly collection of electric bikes, tailored to fit every adventure and routine. For the daily warriors, our commuter e-bikes seamlessly integrate into the hustle and bustle of city life, ensuring punctuality with a dash of style. If rugged terrains call out to you, you can get an electric mountain bike; our off-road variants stand ready to tackle the wild with turbo mode and are powered by robust electric motors.

Seeking flexibility and a low-maintenance bike? We stock the best folding electric bikes to provide you with the convenience you crave, especially if your daily journeys involve using public transport. For those who like a breezy ride, step-through e-bikes make hopping on and off a cinch. Worried about compliance? Every bike in our lineup comes in a road-legal 250W variant. But for those looking for a bit more oomph and fun, our battery-powered motor options venture up to 500w with and without throttles.

Battery-wise, whether it’s the shorter sprints or the long hauls, we've got you with power ranges from 7 to 27Ah. Make a choice that aligns with your cycling journey. Torque sensor, full suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and much more. You name it, E-Movement's electric bikes have it! With our selection, it's not just about reaching the destination; it's about relishing the ride by finding the perfect bike for yourself.

Striving for Inclusion: Electric Bicycles for Multiple Body Types

Every cyclist deserves a bike that feels just right, and we're steadfast in that belief. It's why our range caters to all, no matter the body type or unique requirements. For seniors, those with mobility challenges, post-hip surgery riders, or even those who favour more fitted attire, our step-through electric frames are a dream come true. They offer ease of use, top speed, and excellent range, ensuring everyone can mount and dismount comfortably.

You can opt for e-bikes with throttle as well if you can not exert a lot of physical effort when cycling. We've noticed that many e-bike brands don't always cater to the full range of rider heights. But we do. Especially for those on the petite side, with models accommodating heights down to 4.8 feet. Our Hunter Extreme electric bike is particularly noteworthy, featuring a bespoke seat post that we can customise for shorter riders. 

And for our tall customers? Some of our handlebars are conveniently extendable to ensure a comfortable grip. For riders on the heavier weight side, rest easy. Our bikes are built with robust suspension systems that help offer the widest range possible. Every model in our collection is crafted to be sturdy, with select fat-tyre electric bike models supporting weights of up to 150 kg. And if you're wondering just how robust they are, one of our customers quipped that he felt our bikes could even handle a whopping weight of 200 kg! Inclusivity isn't just a buzzword for us—it's a commitment. Ride with us, and feel the difference. Although, of course, we are not perfect, we try our best and welcome suggestions from everyone

Top-Notch E-Bikes: Warranty-Backed Precision

Confidence in a product's quality shines through its warranty; our e-bikes are no exception. Each new electric bicycle proudly carries a one-year warranty on all electrical components. And that robust frame that supports your journeys with electric assist pedalling? We back that with a solid four-year warranty.

It doesn’t stop there - even our ex-demo products, which offer a taste of the electric bicycle experience, come with a reassuring six-month warranty on electrical components. Fancy a bit more peace of mind? You can extend that to a full year. Now, here's the cherry on top: Being a homegrown UK electric bike company has its perks.

Say goodbye to those long, drawn-out waits for warranty concerns that you might experience with international brands. With us, you’re not just a number in a queue. You'll have your concerns addressed in mere days, not weeks. Don't hesitate to visit our shop or reach out to us through our website if you are facing any problems. With our e-bikes, you're not only investing in top-tier technology but also unmatched after-sales assurance

Dedicated to Electric Bike Safety and Environmental Protection

In the world of e-bikes, not all rides are created equal. We pride ourselves on standing out, with an unwavering commitment to both rider safety and our planet.

  • Purposeful Designs: Every e-bike in our lineup has a clear mission. We've avoided the pitfall of producing "me-too" models. Instead, each bike has its unique identity, serving a distinct need. For example, a road bike caters to bike parks and lanes, enabling riders to commute or run errands with ease, and in contrast, an eMTB can tackle steep and challenging terrains with ease.

  • Motor Magic: While some opt for the pricier mid-drive motors or the potentially problematic front hub alternatives, we go with the tried-and-true brushless rear hub motor. Efficient, safe, and reliable.

  • Brakes That Count: When you're cruising on one of our e-bikes, you'll appreciate our hydraulic disc brakes over the conventional mechanical types. They offer sharper, more reliable stopping power when you need it.

  • Tailored Assistance: With interchangeable three, five, and nine levels of pedal assist, you’re in charge. Dial in the ideal balance between manual effort and pedal assist to fit your riding style or terrain.

  • Consistent Components: We hate waste just as much as you do. By using consistent parts across various bikes – from front forks and a reliable belt drive to gears and tyres – we minimise overproduction along with unnecessary waste and cost.

  • Top-tier Batteries: Powering our electric bicycles are batteries from industry leaders like Samsung and Panasonic. They ensure longevity, top speed, performance, and peace of mind.

  • Continuous Improvement: E-bikes that don't initially meet sales expectations aren't discarded. We take them back to the drawing board for in-house upgrades, ensuring they find a happy rider who can enjoy rad power and full range on their adventures.

Our approach isn't just about producing the best electric bikes. It's about ensuring every pedal, every ride, and every mile contributes positively to both your experience and our environment. With us, you're riding towards a brighter, greener future.

Fully-Assembled Electric Bikes at Your Doorstep

Gone are the days when riders needed an engineering degree just to set up their new e-bike. With us, there’s zero hassle involved. Every electric bicycle we send out is not only fully assembled but also fully charged, so it's literally ready to ride the moment it arrives. Worried about potential mishaps to your e-MTB or bike during transit? Breathe easy. Our deliveries are fully insured. That means if there's any damage en route, we've got it covered. And the icing on the cake? You won't be waiting around for ages. We ensure your shiny new e-bike reaches you within just 4-5 days. Choose us, and dive straight into your next adventure without the wait or the worry. Happy trails await!

Attention to Detail - The Small Business Advantage

At emovement, being a small business allows us to pour love, care, and meticulous attention into our e-bike stock and everything we do. Each electric bike we send out is individually inspected, with batteries rigorously tested before dispatch. It's our way of ensuring that what reaches you is nothing short of perfection. Yet, as dedicated as we are, we're also human. Mistakes, while rare, can happen. But here's our promise: Should you ever encounter a hiccup, our customer service team is at the ready, eager to make things right. Whether you're dealing with It's not just about electric bikes for us. It's about the trust you place in our brand, and we're committed to honouring it every single time.

Fair Pricing

Not a cent Above, not a cent below, just perfect. In the vast world of e-bike pricing, it's easy to get lost. Some brands slap a hefty price tag just for the prestige of their name, while others undercut costs at the expense of quality, often vanishing or delivering subpar products. We stand firmly in the sweet spot between these extremes with our e-bike stock. Our commitment is to offer top-quality electric bikes at rates that truly reflect their worth. You're not paying extra for a name, nor are you gambling on a too-good-to-be-true bargain. With us, you're investing in genuine value, backed by an electric bike brand that's here to stay and products and gear that deliver on their promises. Choose wisely, choose fair. Choose us.

Flexible Payment Options - E-Bikes on Finance

We get it – managing finances and being upfront with payments isn't always easy. At E-movement, we aim to break down barriers and make the joy of cycling accessible to everyone. How? By offering a range of e-bike finance solutions tailored to fit different needs and budgets.

  • Cycle to Work Schemes: Turn your commute into a fun and healthy routine. With the cycle-to-work scheme, Electric bike cost spreads out into manageable chunks and your bike can be ridden to work without any hassle.

  • Klarna & v12: Prefer to split your payments? These trusted providers allow you to manage your purchase in bite-sized chunks, ensuring you can get on the road without stressing the wallet. Shop in-store or reach a financial loan agreement through the Klarna app. And with v12, get APR rates as low as 0% (interest-free)!

Financial constraints shouldn't hold back your dream ride. Choose your electric bicycle, pick your payment method on checkout, and let's get you moving!

Integrated Accessories: Lights, Kickstands, Rear Rack, Fenders, and More

Who says you need to splurge extra for those essential electric bicycle add-ons? At E-Movement, we believe in delivering a complete gear package. So when you purchase an e-bike with us, we've already fitted it with vital accessories – from integrated lights that guide your path to kickstands that provide easy parking, a rear or front rack for your belongings, protective fenders, and more. No hidden fees. No additional charges. Just a fully equipped electric bike, ready for every adventure you throw its way. Whether you're leaning towards mountain bikes, e cargo bikes, step-through bikes, or some other lighter frame, it's all about giving you more value and a seamless riding experience from day one. Ride on with everything you need, without the added expense!

Buying a Used E-Bike

We understand that not everyone wants to invest heftily in a new electric bike. Considering a more budget-friendly option? Take a look at our ex-demo products. These gently used e-bikes, many priced under £1000, offer the same outstanding quality and performance you'd expect from E-Movement bikes. But here's the kicker: even though they come with a friendlier price tag, we haven't cut corners on assurance.

Every ex-demo bike is backed by our warranty, ensuring you ride with confidence and experiment with various speed options if you're a thrill seeker. So, go ahead and snag an e-bike at an excellent deal without compromising on quality or peace of mind. With our used e-bike range, you're getting more bang for your buck, every single time.

Move Smart, Move Electric: Choose emovement Today

In a world that's constantly on the go, it's not just about movement, but how you move. We champion a smarter, cleaner, and more efficient way to navigate the roads. Our electric bicycles are not just a mode of transport; they're a statement – a commitment to a greener future, unparalleled power and convenience, various health benefits, and cutting-edge innovation.

Every journey you embark upon with E-movement is a step towards a more sustainable and connected world. Whether you're commuting, exploring, or just out for a leisurely ride, our e-bikes ensure they are ridden with flair, purpose, and eco-consciousness. So, if you're looking to redefine how you shop and move, make the switch. Move smart, move electric, and join the emovement family today. Your ideal ride awaits at an affordable price!

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