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  • Thunder v4.2 eMTB Thunder v4.2
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    Thunder v4.2 eMTB

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    Panther v4.2

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    Aries eMTB

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    Hunter Extreme

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  • Thunder Blank Canvas emovement black fat tyre electric mountain bike called thunder
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    Thunder Blank Canvas

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Want to indulge in smooth, carefree escapades? Our fat-tyre e-bikes are perfect for your adventures through all terrains. And we stock a range of them, from road-legal to off-road beasts! 

You’ll definitely find an electric fat bike to suit your needs here.

Why Choose Our Fat Tyre Electric Bikes?

Are you an adventure junkie? Well, you’re in for a ride, pun intended.

E-bikes with fat wheels have enveloped riders with their slick style, diverse use cases, and fantastic durability. So, what is the rage about? These e-bikes, true to their name, host tyres with double a regular bike tyre’s thickness, specifically created for riding on tricky paths – even snow and ice. Fat electric bikes allow riders to go for a spin, whether on a windy or rainy day or muddy or rocky terrain. 

They will prove to be your partners in crime when you’re feeling a tad bit daring. If you’re looking for the best fat tyre electric bike in the UK, look no further than E-Movement’s extensive collection. 

Chunky, Fat Wheels to Conquer All Terrains

Fat bikes are built for versatile use cases in mind. With guaranteed comfort, significant speed, and extra sturdiness, these e-bikes offer multi-faceted convenience.

The hallmark of our bikes is the chunky, fat tyres that are not just a style statement but a functional asset, providing improved stability and traction on even the most unstable terrain. Whether you’re commuting through the bustling town streets or exploring rugged off-road trails on the wheels, each fat e-bike has been designed to deliver the power and performance you need. The extra weight of the electric motor is perfectly balanced with the bikes’ designs, offering maximum stability and a fun, thrilling experience.

You can expect a more comfortable ride with these fat tyres, as they absorb the bumps along your path. The wide surface of the fat tyres ensures better traction, allowing you to easily tackle mud, gravel, and sand. You can beat snowfalls with them too! The width, texture, weight, and ruggedness of their tyres enhance friction. This enables the rider to enjoy a more balanced grip and makes them ideal for weekend camping trips or simply a joyride around.

They’ll be your go-to mode of commute on those beautiful, snowy roads. Just make sure you cover your batteries properly.

Unique Electric Bike Collection – Each Bike Comes With a Purpose

Inclusivity lies at the heart of our design. Each fat tyre electric bike in our collection is crafted with a specific purpose in mind. Whether you’re looking for extra boost and suspension for off-road cycling or a sleek electric bike for your daily commute, we have a range that suits all your needs.

Our diverse range guarantees a match for every individual’s riding preference. From electric bikes tailored for women to models built for extended adventures, our collection has something for everyone. You’ll find folding electric bicycles to ride around city streets and full-sus electric mountain bikes for steep hills here.

Here are some suggestions: Fat tyre e-bikes with 27-inch tyres: 


Get Thunder if you’re looking for a classic fat tyre e-bike.

An electric fat-tyre bike to dream of, our much-awaited restock, and upgrade of the Thunder mountain e-bike is here. You now get Black, Dune (Orange), and Sand (Beige), as well as a road-legal variant.

If you’ve been on the lookout for a classic electric mountain bike with the added stability fat tyres offer, check out this beauty. Sleek, classy, and rugged, you’re in for off-road rides of a lifetime.

Plus, like all our new electric bikes, it has a disconnectable throttle and the choice between 250W and 500W rear-hub motors.


Get Aries for a step-through mountain e-bike with fat tyres.

With Aries, we add another stellar hardtail mountain e-bike to the mix. 

With unmatched elegance, Aries features a V-shaped, step-through frame for those who don’t like swinging their legs 360 degrees to mount a bike. The 14Ah battery and the 27 x 4-inch wide MTB tyres promise long range. 

This e MTB comes in black and white variants, has a large coloured display, and 250W and 500W motor options.

    Fat e-bikes with 20-inch tyres:


    Choose Raven if you need a fat bike with a long range and even more comfortable seating. Low minimum height.

    One of our most spec-loaded electric bikes this year, Raven, will make you fly down those roads.

    Featuring a sleek, low-step frame, a magnificent long-lasting 20Ah battery, special suspension seat post, and 20-inch wide tyres, this black electric bike will help you soar through your adventures. 

    And of course, you get a sophisticated build, coloured display, 250W and 500W electric motor variants, and a disconnectable throttle. 


    Choose Pixie if you’re looking for Panther’s chunky frame but in a step-through, hardtail version. Low minimum height.

    Tired of dull bikes? We are, too. Introducing Pixie – a folding fat-tyre step-through e-bike in 4 stunning colours: Sky, Clover, Peach, and Black!

    With a large 14Ah battery and a brushless rear-hub motor, this long-range e-bike is next to none and stands right on par with our Panther. 

    Its lower frame allows for easy, comfortable mounting be a concern either. Plus, this beauty has a minimum height of 5.0ft, ensuring everyone, short or tall, can ride it. It's especially a dream come true for women.

    Panther v4.2

    Choose Panther if you’re looking for a fat, folding, full-suspension electric bike. 3 battery options.

    Now, with a visual upgrade! This powerful folding fat-tyre electric bike is made for tough both trails and road experiences. 

    With a full suspension system, a powerful motor, and a stunning grip, Panther is one fat electric bike thrill-seekers should not overlook. Sand or rocks, this electric bicycle has you covered!

    Plus, it folds, has a long battery life, has three battery options, and comes with the best price in the market!  

    Hunter Extreme

    Choose Hunter Extreme if you want a folding step-through frame with 3 battery options, 3 motor options, and a bespoke seat post that can cater to heights as low as 4.8ft.

    A folding, step-through fat-tyre electric bike for city and off-road adventures alike!

    Equipped with a step-through frame, durable thick tyres, a bespoke seat post, and 3 battery options, this e-bike makes off-roading and commuting more accessible for everyone.

    The level of customisation will make you forget any folding electric bike you’ve ever had. 

    Best value for money guaranteed; ride with class!

    Customization Options – Tailor Your Rude

    We understand that no two riders are the same, so we offer extensive customization options for your fat-tyre electric bike in the UK. Customize your ride to suit your style and comfort, from selecting the battery and motor power to adjusting the pedal assistance for the perfect ride.

    • Models like Hunter and Panther give you three battery options.

    • All our electric bikes allow you to choose between 3, 5, and 9 levels of pedal assistance.

    • All our e-bikes have digitally or physically disconnectable throttles.

    • All our electric bicycles come in road-legal (250W) and off-road (350W or 500W) variants.

    Let your e-bike become more than just transport; choose a companion per your lifestyle and riding preferences.

    Easy Spares, Warranties, and Repairs

    Choosing local comes with unparalleled benefits. When you buy from us, you ensure your access to spares with minimum downtime. Should you encounter any issues, our repair services are swift and efficient, handled by specialists who understand every inch of your fat-tyre electric bike.

    All our new electric fat bikes come with a four-year warranty on the frame and a year warranty on electric components. Plus, unlike international hassles, claiming warranties from us is seamless.

    Price Flexibility + Ex-Demo Bikes and E-Bike Finance Options Available

    We believe that everyone should have the chance to experience the joy of riding an electric bike. That’s why we offer price flexibility, including options for ex-demo bikes that provide all the benefits at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, our Snap Finance and Klarna e-bike finance options, are available to ensure that financial constraints don’t keep you from enjoying the thrill of a fat-tyre electric bike. You can use your Cycle to Work certificates too!

    A One-Time Investment

    Our electric fat bikes are built to last for years. Look out for road-legal versions if you want them for commuting around your city alongside off-roading. And go for throttle-enabled masterpieces if you prefer e-bikes with wide tyres purely for your fun off-road adventures.

    Our bikes are high-quality, low-maintenance, and last for years – the best fat-tyre electric bikes in the UK! 

    Choose Your Local Electric Bike Specialists

    Fat e-bikes are now on the fast track to becoming the trendiest ones around. Are you convinced enough and on your way to booking a free fat bike test ride in the UK with us? You’ll learn exactly why our customers prefer us over every other company.  

    Choosing E-Movement means you’re not just buying a bike; you’re gaining a partner in your cycling journey. As your local electric bike specialists, we’re here to provide you with expert advice, top-notch customer service, and a community of fellow riders. Whether you’re cycling through hills, commuting, or just enjoying the breeze on a smooth trail, our team is here to support and enhance your riding experience. Choose E-Movement, and join the revolution of electric biking with unmatched style and comfort.

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