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You’ve come to the right place to find the best folding e-bike models well-suited to your preferences and needs. Our bikes are sturdy and offer range and convenience like nothing else!

From models with full suspension to light, compact electric bicycles and throttle-enabled fat-tyre beauties, we stock them all.

Why Choose Our Folding E-Bikes?

Are you a bike enthusiast interested in multi-modal journeys or compact storage spaces to store your bike? Electric folding bikes may be just what you need.

Let’s be honest; bikes aren’t all that easy to carry. An electric foldable bike with fat or regular wheels will certainly change your life.

We guarantee various frames of the best folding electric bike the UK has. Our collection includes compact e-bikes with foldable frames and a sturdy build for limitless adventures. Our high-quality bikes will make navigating rocky terrains and off-road trails seem fun and easy. Whether it rains, snows, or hails, you can trust one of E-Movement’s foldable e-bikes in the UK to be your companion in any situation.

Why Electric Folding Bikes

Thinking of going electric and foldable? Here’s why you’re onto a winner:

  • Space-Saver: Don’t worry if you have a small flat or limited office space. Fold your bike up and tuck it away; no bulky storage is needed.

  • Flexibility: From city streets to country lanes, these bikes adapt with ease.

  • Easy Commuting: Zip through traffic and say goodbye to parking woes. Plus, they’re public transport-friendly, and you can store them in your car boot.

  • Less Sweat: Get to work feeling fresh with electric assistance-fewer showers and outfit changes.

  • Economical: Slash your transport costs. Forget petrol prices and parking fees.

  • Health & Fitness: Combine exercise with efficiency. You decide how much to pedal.

  • Accessibility: Great for those building up fitness or with mobility issues, offering a gentle reintroduction to cycling.

Choose E-Movement: The Smoothest Folding Bike Ride Quality

Are you tired of flimsy, foldable electric bikes that rattle with every bump? Worry no more: we have optimised our collection for durability, curating the best electric folding bikes the UK has. All our folding bikes are either hardtail or full suspension, absorbing shocks as you go. Plus, they’re all mid to full-sized for the best performance.

Gear up for the smoothest rides you’ve ever seen.

You’ll love an electric bike that folds during the UK’s rush hours for its compactness and speed. No more jams: move faster than the other and cars sitting in traffic. Whether you’re busy or adventuring, our foldable e-bikes have 3 to 9 pedal assistance levels to suit your needs. E-bikes like Panther and Commute also have full suspension-type systems with rear shock-absorbing features!

With E-Movement, you also get local warranties to protect your folding electric bicycle against manufacturing defects and lousy performance.

Ease of Use and Various Storage Options

Whether you have a tiny flat or are a regular commuter, you’ll find that an electric folding bike in the UK is the ultimate space saver. Their compact folded design means you can tuck them away effortlessly, even in the cosiest of apartments. You can also simply fold them up and bring them along on trains and buses.

And if you’re driving, these e-bicycles fit snugly in car boots, ready for wherever your adventures take you. No more bulky bike woes: with our e-bikes, storage is a breeze. 

Battery Power and Range

There’s nothing like breezing up inclines and commuting on empty roads without any effort. Our foldable electric bikes’ build quality and extensive battery life allow riders to cover longer distances. A single-charge cycle should last a couple of trips; a folding e-bike’s range is worth the investment. 

We’ve got you covered for the perfect ride! Our electric fold-up bikes offer a range of battery options, from 10Ah for short trips to 27Ah for long hauls. Match your journey with the right battery power. No more mid-trip power worries: pick your power and hie roads with the best folding e-bikes! 

Multiple Pedal-Assist Levels

Whether you’re running errands or exploring hills, our folding e-bikes‘ flexible pedal assistance will give you the right kick. Tailor your pedal boost with 3, 5, or 9 assist levels, easily tweaked in the bike’s settings. Whether you fancy a light push or a strong boost, find your perfect pedalling partner right here. Cycle the UK streets your way, with the perfect blend of effort and electric assist. 

Flexible Motor Options

We stock folding e-bikes in UK-road-legal and off-road variants. For road warriors, our 250W motor is UK road-legal and ready to roll. More of an off-road enthusiast? Opt for the punchier 350W or 500W versions. And the best part: our motors are 48V rear-hub brushless, ensuring smooth, efficient rides. Whether city cruising or trailblazing, we’ve got the perfect motor power for your journey.

If your e-bike's motor power greater than 250W, make sure to register and license it. You can check out some of our best UK folding electric bike versions by visiting our in-store shop or website. 

Safer Rides

Riding safely is our top priority, and we’ve geared up to ensure just that.

Our electric bikes come equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, providing superior stopping power to mechanical disc brakes. And our rear-hub e-bike motor variants offer incredible balance and control over their riskier front-hub counterparts.

We trust only the best for reliable batteries. Samsung and Panasonic cells ensure our batteries are safe and dependable. Let’s not forget our sturdy aluminium frames, designed for durability and lightness. We’re committed to ensuring every detail gives the best ride quality.

All-Inclusive Range

We try hard to maintain an inclusive collection. Aspects like high rider weight or low height have never stopped riders from accomplishing their dreams with our bikes. From extendable handlebars to bespoke seat posts, we’ve tried to include something for everyone in our foldable e-bike range.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Choose Panther if you’re looking for the smoothest full-suspension folding e-bike in the UK with bold colours. Battery options up to 14Ah and motor ratings up to 500W.

  • Want a bike that’s just as stunning as Panther but easier to mount? Choose Pixie for a foldaway electric bike that’s step-through and has a lower minimum height! Stunning pastels, 14Ah battery, and two motor variants.

  • Get the Hunter Extreme for unparalleled flexibility. Battery options up to a whopping 27Ah, motor power up to 500W, and a bespoke seat post for shorter riders.

  • Need a full-suspension road bike? Get Commute: the best lightweight folding bike out there.

Note that all our foldable electric bikes have 20-inch tyres: fat, smaller wheels for nimble turns around city corners. You can check out our mountain bikes or Troy if you need larger tyres.

Complementary Accessories Included

Our e-bikes, fold-up or not, come with a set of complementary accessories. When you snag one of our foldable e-bikes, you’re not just getting a top-notch ride. We throw in a rear rack for added storage and convenience and mudguards to keep you splash-free. Our front and rear lights keep you safe at night, and a strong kickstand and waterproof battery protect your folding electric bike in the UK.

All these extras come at zero extra cost because we believe in value-packed deals for our riders.

Collection of Purchasable Add-ons and Accessories

Dive into our collection of curated extras to upgrade your ride! Prioritise safety with stylish helmets and gloves, or boost your ride time with extra batteries. For those bumpy trails, protective joint pads have got you covered.

Discover our bike covers, bike bags, inner tubes, front and rear wheels, and bike parts for maintenance and protection. We’ve tailored every bit to amplify your cycling journey. 

Buy an E-Folding Bike Now!

Electric folding bikes have indeed taken the world by storm. With us, you can browse foldable electric bikes with various wheel-size options, adjustable seats, robust rear-wheel motors, and long-lasting batteries.

You can book a free folding e-bike test ride with us in Woking or with our partners Bike Parts Weston, at Weston-Super-Mare. We guarantee the best e-bikes, foldable or not.

For more information, don’t hesitate to check our product pages. Or contact us at regarding questions about our stock, product range, spare parts, and electric folding bikes.

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