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    Panther v4.2

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    Thor Hybrid eMTB

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  • Panther in Blaze is a beautiful fire engine red ebike by emovement with dual suspension, a rear rack and fat tyres Ex-Demo eBikes for Sale - Best Electric Bikes Under £1000
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    Ex-Demo eBikes for Sale - Best Electric Bikes Under £1000

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    Hunter Extreme

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    Troy Pro

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If your budget has been holding you back from purchasing an electric bike, fear not. E-Movement’s collection of ebikes under £1500 stock high-quality, robust frames that make cruising down roads and tackling hills a breeze. 

Why Choose Our Under-1500 Electric Bikes

Both affordability and functionality won’t be a problem with these e-bicycles, encompassing road-legal and off-road versions that are suitable for every rider. Choose your pick from the likes of Pixie’s convenient step-thru frame in pastel hues for daily commuting to the mighty beast Thor with its unparalleled agility and strength for rugged trails, Our electric bikes incorporate various battery capacities, efficient hub motors, and shock-absorbing hydraulic systems. You can also customise your two-wheeled wonder using multiple accessories, ranging from helmets to pannier racks. 

i. High Quality Road and Trail Tyres

This collection comes equipped with 20, 27 or 28-inch fat tyres, celebrated for their exceptional grip and responsiveness. 

Wider, fat tyres lower the bike’s centre of gravity, providing the perfect balance between durability and manoeuvrability. Meanwhile, thinner road tyres are perfect for speedy rides. 

Riders can confidently navigate all sorts of terrains for smooth and comfortable rides, even if they’re carrying heavy loads. We assure you that every e-bike in the under £1500 category is perfectly capable of handling off-road and urban environments alike. 

ii. Detachable Throttles 

With E-Movement bikes, there's no need to purchase different e-bicycles for road and mountain use. Each model features a digitally disconnectable or unpluggable throttle that can be easily switched off in the settings. This versatility allows you to turn the throttle back on for that additional power boost whenever it's needed for more challenging cycling conditions. 

iii. Environmentally-Friendly Adventures

Have you been considering making the transition to sustainable transportation? Well, there’s no time like now to opt for our budget-friendly electric bikes. At E-Movement, we realise the significance of reducing carbon emissions and we are committed to offering a greener way to travel with our electrically powered vehicles. While each journey on one of our e-bikes will fuel adrenaline, it will also help you avoid contributing to air pollution and the depletion of non-renewable resources. 

In urban settings, where environmental challenges and traffic congestion are increasingly becoming a problem, our electric bikes under £1500 provide a solution blending adventure with ecological responsibility. You can set off on stress-free journeys knowing that every exhilarating moment supports the planet’s health. 

iv. Various Battery Capacity Options

A pedelec’s battery capacity plays a crucial role in determining how far you can travel on a single charge. Our range of electric bicycles includes a range of battery capacities to suit your specific needs:

  • 7Ah

  • 10Ah

  • 12.8Ah

  • 14Ah

  • 20Ah

  • 27Ah

This selection allows riders to find the perfect balance of affordability, power, and travel range. You can achieve distances of up to 100 km per charge, enabling you to enjoy extended rides without the worry of running out of charge. But wait; it gets better. 

We’ve also made charging your bike straightforward and efficient with our fast and portable chargers, capable of replenishing your battery in just two hours. Whether you’re interested in short commutes or long adventures, our e-bikes integrate different battery capacities and quick charging solutions that are ready to meet any challenge head-on!

v. Ex Demo Bike Models

eMovement's ex-demo and display models present an excellent opportunity to save on your purchase. These second-hand electric bicycles, previously used for demonstrations or as display units, are available at significantly reduced prices. Despite being pre-loved, they deliver the same top-notch performance and features as brand-new models at lower costs, coming with warranties! Don’t miss out on the chance to secure a fantastic deal as a part of our electric bikes under £1500 collection in the UK!

vi. A Wide Range of Accessories and Add-ons

As mentioned before, these bikes are accompanied by various accessories, ensuring a premium, convenient ride wherever you go. Each e-bicycle includes mudguards to keep you clean and dry on muddy trails, along with a rear rack for extra storage options. We also provide a durable kickstand, a waterproof cover for the battery, and lights to enhance visibility and safety during night journeys. And for bikes that support it, a front basket is thrown in to increase space for your precious belongings. E-Movement is committed to delivering exceptional value with every purchase. 

vii. Local Business Benefits 

When you buy E-Movement products, you’re supporting the local economy instead of spending more with large multinational companies. This is because we’re proud to be a small, locally-owned business in the UK. Riders can also enjoy quick access to bike repairs and maintenance, spare parts, and free test rides. All you have to do is reach out to us via email or phone! We're dedicated to making sure you can easily purchase your preferred e-bike from the under £1500 stock without any hassle. Don’t hesitate to avail our financing options and ongoing services to make sure you receive the top service available at all times. 

Get Your Dream Electric Bike from E-Movement Today!

With electric bikes taking the world by storm, choose E-movement to find a trusty cycling companion and unlock a lifetime of adventures. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, our ebikes under £1500 collection is here to support and enhance your journeys. 


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