Electric Bike Repair Services In UK

Are you looking to get your electric bike repaired or serviced? You’re on the right page!

We provide e-bike repair services in Woking, Surrey. And if you’re not from around town, we can have your bike shipped to us from any corner from UK. 

Electric bikes like commuter e-bikes or off-road e-bikes have taken the world by storm and continue to gain traction. If you own one, you should get it serviced regularly for smooth and efficient running. Missing e-bike service intervals will only end in you paying more for repair every time you visit a shop for your servicing needs.  

Psst. No need to worry if you aren’t from the area. Just drop an email, and our courier partner will collect the bike from you. 

Here’s what electric bike repair services in UK at market-competitive rates.

Repairing E-Bike Batteries in Woking, Surrey, UK

Has your electric bike been giving you issues like temporary cutouts, under-load stutter, reduced range, and low battery life, or is it not working at all? If yes, you have to go to the right place to get them fixed. 

At our electric bike store in Woking, we can replace your e-bike’s depleted battery cells with high-quality ones that’ll give it a new lease of life. All our technicians are highly trained with many years of experience and will ensure that the electric bike battery assembly is flawless. In case you want your battery rebuilt, we’ll carry out the process so that it’s as good as new. 

Repairing E-Bike Motors in Woking, Surrey, UK

We also provide electric bike motor repair and services of various kinds for models such as mountain e-bikes, dirt e-bikes, road e-bikes, etc. These will help maintain your e-motor to work at its best potential. Our service specialises in electric motor bearings, belt replacements, diagnostics, full rebuilds, inspections, and servicing:

  • Maintenance

For top-notch working order, visit us for the inspection, cleaning, reassembling, greasing, and testing of your e-motor  

  • Primary Motor inspection 

Get a full diagnostic inspection that supplies a customised breakdown report detailing any necessary or recommended repair work. 

  • Complete Bearing Replacement:

Every bearing of the motor is inspected and replaced. We clean, replace, reassemble, re-grease, and tear down all bearings of your electric motor, depending on your specific case and requirements. 

  • Brose Belt Replacement

As time passes, electric bike belts have a higher probability of snapping or wearing down, meaning they require frequent inspection. You can get a belt replacement when you’re in to get a bearing service or as a standalone service at the Woking electric bike repair service.

General E-Bike Repairs in Woking, Surrey, UK

While e-batteries and an e-motor are essential components of electric bikes, there are other parts that need your attention. Controllers may short-circuit, or electrical components may break down. Fear not because we have you covered in every aspect. We offer service and repair solutions catering to controllers, electrical components, LCD displays, PAS sensors (pedal assist sensor), and much more. Our electrical diagnostics and troubleshooting doesn’t only attend to common issues; we also have the experience to handle more complex ones. It doesn’t matter whether you own a city e-bike or an off-road e-bike, we got your repair and servicing needs covered. 

Just make sure to drop an email with a video and photographs of the problem.

We Can Arrange E-Bike Collection and Delivery too!

If you have a busy schedule or consider it a hassle to visit our Woking shop, we can arrange a collection (paid) for you at your ease and convenience. 

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