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Electric Skateboards And Longboards: Unleashing Speed And Automation

Maybe a leisurely stroll in the park isn’t your idea of fun – it’s just so.. slow. In that case, you should check out electric skateboards.

Electric skateboards are not only thrilling but eco-friendly as well! They’re smaller than bikes, don’t need fuel like cars, and offer a more unique riding experience. You can simply hop on for a skate without much physical effort to get an amazing electric skateboarding experience. Because of their sleek design and advanced technology, electric skateboards are gaining popularity around the world recently.

Why Choose Electric Skateboards and Longboards?

So, what’s the difference between a regular skateboard and an electric skateboard? Is it worth your money? Shortly put, we definitely recommend it! 

Electric skateboards won’t tire you out because they have powerful motors. You don’t need to put in as much physical effort to push and navigate as with a regular skateboard. Because of the power of these motors, electric skateboarding can help you tackle rough terrain rides more easily.

Their power also means you can reach high speeds and enjoy adrenaline-filled rides! An electric skateboard comes with rechargeable batteries and a remote or app to make you control your manoeuvres through your fingertips! They are incredibly portable and pack a punch to get rid of those evening blues.

Electric Skateboard Laws in the UK

According to Highway Act 1835 (the term “carriage” used in this law is quite broad and is taken to mean electric skateboards as well), it is currently illegal to use your electric skateboard on a road or footpath in England, Scotland, and Wales. So make sure to use your electric skateboard on private premises and skate parks only with the permission of the owner. 

Finding the Right Electric Skateboard or Longboard

You might be wondering what the best electric skateboard would be. A perfect board that has a strong, smart, and stylish design, as well as good speed control? Which brand to choose? Well. We recommend ours for obvious yet fact-based reasons.

To get the best electric skateboards review no further than UK’s own E-Movement because we have our amazing Venom, the electric skateboard, and of course our fantastic Viper, our electric longboard (pretty cool names, right?).

Electric longboards are 33-60 inches long and recommended for beginners. They’re more stable and easier to ride at high speed. If you’re more concerned about range and durability, these might be a good choice for you because they have a better range and the best battery life among all types of electric skateboards.

Electric shortboards are shorter (around 28-32 inches long). If you want to perform cool tricks at your local skateboard rink, an electric shortboard would be perfect for you because it can be used to perform quick manoeuvres. Because of their small size, they’re easier to carry as well!

Features of E-Movement’s E-Boards

Our Viper electric longboard has powerful 1000W*2 dual-belt motors powered with 42 V, 5.5 AH Samsung battery. This comes with a type C charger. The wheels are made of polyurethane (PU) – lighter and more durable than traditional rubber tyres; your Viper is going to stick with you for a long time. 

The board is a luxurious matte black colour and made of 8-ply maple which is more powerful, durable, and flexible while still offering enhanced portability due to its light nature! Its motor can take you on fast rides up to 35 km/h but if you’re worried about this going out of control, worry not! Viper comes with electric brakes which are more efficient and smoother at braking. Along with your electric skateboard, you can also get accessories.

With all of these features, you can be certain you’ll enjoy a hair-raising, exciting ride!

Our Venom electric skateboard has energetic 900W*2 dual-belt motors coupled with 42 V, 5.5 AH Samsung batteries. It’s very light at 7.5 kg and with speed, you can perform cool skateboarding tricks! The 83 mm wheels are made of durable and lightweight polyurethane (PU). You can enjoy quick rides of up to 35 km/h with Venom. Fitted with electric brakes, you don’t have to worry about losing control while getting to enjoy thrilling rides or quick manoeuvres! With Venom by your side, you can be certain of a magical and exciting experience with skating.

And of course, along with your electric skateboard, you can also get skateboarding accessories. 

Safety First: Tips for Riding Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards are definitely exciting, but it’s important to prioritise your safety to avoid accidents and injuries. Here are some helpful and simple tips you can follow to ensure an adventurous yet safe ride on your electric skateboard:

  • Familiarise yourself with your skateboard first. Read the instruction manual (sounds boring but we promise it’s for your own good) and skate in a safe environment like your backyard or pavements with no traffic.
  • Wear safety gear like a helmet to protect your head in case of a fall. Also consider wearing knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards to protect your limbs especially when riding on rough terrain.
  • Check your board before taking your board for a skate to make sure the brakes are working and that the tires are inflated to the correct pressure.
  • Be patient while riding and avoid extremely busy roads.
  • Do not skate in wet or icy conditions to avoid slipping. If you must ride in these conditions, slow down and be very careful.
  • Obey your local traffic laws. Adventure should not mean breaking road laws.
  • Have fun and explore! Riding a skateboard can be exciting, but make sure to do so safely and responsibly. Never ride on the road.

Your One-Stop Shop for Electric Skateboards and Longboards

E-Movement is dedicated to tech-savvy, high-quality, innovative, comfortable, and most importantly cost-efficient e-transport. Founded in 2018 in the UK, we wanted to offer not only a range of cool electric skateboards, but also a reliable service for people in the UK who want to partake in the future of e-transport without worrying about fake schemes, ghost companies, or unverified online sellers.

Among electric skateboard models, we have Viper electric longboard and Venom electric skateboard. So, if you’re looking for the perfect e-board, look no further. Both boards are available at an affordable price compared to electric skateboards at other stores while still offering riders the same level of performance, build quality, and fun skateboarding experience (plus our boards look stylish and sound cool too!).

If you still have some doubts left if this would be the best electric skateboard for you, let our 5-star customer reviews speak for themselves with many applauding its speed, design, power, quality, and much more.

Explore Our Accessories for Electric Skateboards and Longboards

What’s more exciting than an electric skateboard? An electric-powered skateboard with accessories!

Our Viper electric longboard and Venom electric skateboard come with a leather bag that has a skateboard carrier to make it more convenient and easy for you to take around your electric skateboard. 

We also have leather gloves for added coolness and 3 sets of protective gear for your knees, elbows, and hands because we want to ensure your safety while cruising on our electric skateboards. With a powerful board, amazing speed control, lightweight model, fast speed, and trendy gear, you can perform daring skateboard tricks, and enjoy breezy rides all at incredibly affordable prices!

Fast Shipping

We’re known in the UK for our fast shipping and doorstep delivery of fully assembled, fully charged products! Best part? The cost of shipping is part of the product’s price: you don’t have to pay a penny more!

Please bear in mind, you might be required to sign for delivery of products.

The services of any shipping company are not guaranteed by us, but you’ll get your e-boards within 5 days. Plus, the delivery is insured: never worry about transit damages again!

Get UK’s Best Electric Skateboards Now!

Interested? Get fantastic e-boards from us! With hassle-free local brand warranties, a beautiful stock range, hi-spec products, and prices inclusive of delivery fees and taxes, what more can you want? Evolve with the times and choose the latest idea of thrill! Checkout today.

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