E Movement Quality Policy

E movement is unwavering in its commitment to delivering bicycles and bicycle-related products of the highest quality standards. Recognising the trust our customers place in us, we continuously endeavour to refine our production processes, ensuring every bicycle that rolls out of our facility meets and exceeds expectations.

To manifest this commitment, E movement highlights the following principles:

  • We pledge to establish, maintain, and abide by the specifications of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, ensuring our products stand up to the rigorous standards this certification represents.
  • At every tier of our operations, we implement explicit quality methods and standards. Through clarity in roles, responsibilities, and authorities, we ensure that quality is a responsibility shared by all.
  • In line with the ISO 9001:2015 requirements, we perpetually set, evaluate, and refine our Quality Objectives, Targets, and Management Programs. This iterative approach ensures we're always pushing the envelope of what's possible in bicycle quality.
  • Through continuous evaluation and reinforcement of our Quality Objectives, we uphold top-tier quality performance. Periodic reviews and feedback mechanisms are integral to our system, letting us refine our processes and activities.
  • Beyond internal standards, we're proactive in identifying and complying with all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements. Our operations are transparent, accountable, and in line with the highest industry standards.
  • We see quality as a shared mission. By promoting awareness among customers, stakeholders, and employees, we ensure a collaborative effort towards our quality objectives. This is further supported by continuous training programs, designed to elevate the expertise and skills of our team.
  • An open channel of communication, both internally and externally, is central to our operations. Our Quality Policy is not just an internal document. We make it accessible to our entire team, and the interested stakeholders, emphasizing our unwavering commitment to quality.

By embracing these principles, E movement is not just producing bicycles; we're crafting experiences, ensuring every ride is a testament to our dedication to quality.

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