A Beginner's Guide to Electric Skateboards

A Beginner's Guide to Electric Skateboards

Conventional recreational activities are evolving swiftly. Consider, for example, skateboards. In this new era where technology encompasses every aspect of life, Electric skateboards have unlocked a whole new dimension of ease, thrill, and accessibility. 

E-boards have been the talk of the town for quite a while now. They’re fun and resourceful, equipped with brakes and gears that enable riders to control their speed and glide through parks. According to statistics, the e-skateboard market is expected to reach US$ 3525 million by the end of 2032. Keep reading as we explain how these skateboards work, their different types, and the benefits they entail. 

Electric Skateboards vs. Regular Skateboards

Although electric skateboards and regular skateboards look the same at first glance, they have considerable differences. You can operate the battery-powered e-board using a remote control that includes various buttons and a throttle to brake and accelerate. Some even contain an LED screen that displays important information such as battery level, riding mode, speed, and more. 

Electric skateboards are much faster than regular skateboards. They enable you to climb hills with ease and can travel up to 35 km/h, covering longer distances. The best part? They’re still affordable. Since e-boards’ electrical components weigh them down, it’s more challenging to perform tricks with them, but with enough practice, you’ll be able to navigate different moves seamlessly.

How E-Skateboards Operate

E-skateboards are similar to regular skateboards except for the integrated electric motor propelling them forward. A standard skateboard requires a lot of kicking and pushing, but e-skateboards promise the luxury of traveling hassle-free without exerting much energy. The rider typically carries a remote control in their hand that drives the skateboard to the desired spot; some skateboards work on the phenomenon of weight shifting. Essentially, weight shifting allows the rider to steer the skateboard in the direction they want by focusing their body weight. This method enables the rider to maintain steady control of speed, acceleration, and deceleration when required. 

Types of E-Boards:

Now that you know how e-skateboards work, let’s look at the various types of e-skateboards available in the market. Right now, our Venom and Viper are taking UK’s market by storm. Every e-skateboard is different, offering its own advantages and features. This is why it’s essential to do your research to determine your experience level and needs. 

Here are some categories of electric skateboards you’ll find around the market.

1. Electric Shortboards

Shortboards are usually opted for by the more experienced skaters; their curved design and short decks allow the rider to control their ride more significantly. They are designed using unibody carbon fiber decks that enhance sturdiness and provide long-lasting protection from general wear and tear. These are relatively cheaper as compared to other e-skateboards, so it is safe to say they will not cost you an arm and a leg.  

2. Electric Longboards

E-longboards are amongst the most distinguishable electric skateboards, possessing broad and long decks. This type of board is the most suitable for a beginner. If comfort is your concern, then fret not since the longboard’s wide wheels absorb bumps and cracks on roads, making the ride highly comfortable, fun, and smooth. They’re highly stable, too, so you won’t stumble and fall while reaching speeds up to 35 km/h.  

3. Electric Penny Boards

As the name indicates, penny boards are small, exhibiting the added benefit of being much more portable than longboards or shortboards. Despite being manufactured from plastic, these boards are robust and cost a fraction of what other e-skateboard do. Riding a penny board may require a different approach than a conventional one, as its shorter wheelbase and tinier deck take a while to get the hang of. Still, what these boards lack in size, they make up for by providing thrilling experiences to their riders.

4. Off-Road E-skateboards

If you’re into monster trucks, we have just the thing for you: off-road electric skateboards. These skateboards are built to be unique, and they genuinely don’t disappoint. They integrate heavy, wide wheels that make it necessary for them to possess considerable power and auxiliary motors. Looking to experience memorable adventures while practicing your off-road stunts? We recommend purchasing this electric skateboard. 

E-board Charging and Battery life

How long your electric board’s battery lasts depends on the type of riding you indulge in. While excessive harsh riding won’t immediately damage your device, the battery cell life will decrease over time. Demanding consistent peak performance from your board, like skating on thick grass at full trigger, causes your battery pack to work hard consistently and die out quicker. Your safest bet is to enjoy making your cruises a mix of manual and motor-assisted rides if you’re looking for longevity. Otherwise, ride your board however makes you happiest.

Safety Measures

Skaters are much more likely to get hurt in accidents than other vehicle riders because they aren’t enclosed inside compact structures and materials. For this reason, safety is essential. 

If you regularly use standard skateboards, you should already possess some protective gear. However, electric boards are far more dangerous than regular boards and require extra protection, especially if you like going for a spin at night. You should ensure that you have everything you need for a safe ride, including helmets, motorcycle gloves, elbow and knee pads, and safety lights. If you have doubts about your safety equipment, it’s time to upgrade them before your next ride. You can purchase our e-board accessories kit consisting of a bag and joint protective gear here

It’s always better to be safe than sorry!


The shift to electric power on a mass level is beneficial to us in ways it’s high time to get on board with. E-skateboards are not only fast but also portable and quiet so that you can enjoy an exciting, hassle-free ride. If you haven’t already, the best time to order your own electric skateboard is now!