The UK’s Top Pink Electric Bikes : Panther vs. Pixie

The UK’s Top Pink Electric Bikes : Panther vs. Pixie

Who doesn’t love a solid pink? Whether it’s the bold hot pink punch or the subtle pastel pink hue, the colour stands out for sure. Sadly though, the UK’s electric bike market has been garbed in dull greys and blacks for too long, missing out on the splash of personality that pinks add. Well, no more! Allow us to talk about our pink electric bikes that Barbie would definitely approve of!

Meet Panther in the colour Babe and Pixie in Peach: stylish, powerful, and bound to turn heads wherever you ride. Never trade off power and convenience for style again! The best part is that you can fold them up and take them anywhere, making a statement while enjoying the convenience these folding electric bikes offer. 

The Panther Electric Bike in Babe – Hot Pink

There’s a reason our Panther electric bikes continue to reign as emovement bestsellers: they cater to both uneven trails and the UK’s roads in the most fashionable way. Unlock the smoothest rides with Panther’s full-suspension system: front and rear shock absorbers combined with the grip and cushioning of 20×4 inch fat tyres .

Here’s what you must know about Panther

An Overview

Do you like to shine in the crowd? Make a bold statement with a show-stopping hot pink and a beautiful beast of a large frame with Panther. 

Express your riding spirit freely with Panther’s Aluminium 6061 frame, available in hot pink as the vivacious Babe. Gone are the days you stayed inside during harsh weather conditions because this sturdily-built, IP-65 water and dust-resistant, high-quality bike is ready for all sorts of adventures. 


The front and rear suspension work together for the smoothest rides imaginable. Add in a disconnectable throttle and you’re in for unparallelled control. With 20×4 inch puncture-resistant all-terrain fat tyres, you can ride Panther on road, gravel, snow, sand, mountains – you name it! 

3 Battery Options: Power and Range

And catering to multiple budgets and range preferences, Panther comes with 3 battery options : the robust 12.8 and 14Ah battery power for extended explorations and the 10Ah one for breezy commutes. Every battery is reliable due to the infusion of Panasonic and Samsung cells, which are known for consistent power output and longevity.

The estimated power range for a 250w motor on Level 1 assistance (out of 5) for a rider weight 70kgs on plain London roads is:

10Ah: 50 miles

12.8: Ah 64 miles

14Ah: 70 miles

You can enjoy the perfect balance between performance and distance with Panther’s reliable battery power, aiming for maximum speed when required and turning to pedal assistance if you get tired.

3 Captivating Colours

Definitely not for the weak of the heart, E-Movement’s Panther comes in 3 bold colours: Pink (Babe), Red (Blaze), and Black. 

This high-end electric bike puts its competitors to shame with its top-notch specs, fair pricing and local warranty-backed precision.

The Pros and Cons of Panther



3 stunning colour options

3 battery options: 10Ah, 12.8Ah, 14Ah

Incredibly smooth rides: full-suspension: front+rear

Incredibly fair pricing compared to competitors. 

High weight tolerance: up to 150kgs or more!

The frame may be high for those who have hip flexibility concerns.

High minimum height: 5.4 ft

Although incredibly comfortable, full-suspension bikes consume power less efficiently than hardtail or rigid bikes

The Pixie Electric Bike in Peach – Pastel Pink

Are you more of a subtle person comfortably dwelling in their soft aura? Meet Pixie in Peach!

With a step-through folding frame, rugged fat-tyres, and stunning pastel colours, this electric bike encapsulates beauty and power in one. Pixie is suitable for everyone, quelling every mounting fear with its accessibility and flair.

Let’s consider what it has to offer.

An Accessible Step-Through Frame with Low Minimum Height

We understood that everyone loved Panther but mounting it was a little bit of a hassle, and it had a high minimum height requirement. Enter Pixie: a Panther-inspired frame that’s low enough to be step-through. People with flexibility concerns, those who prefer slim-fitting attire, those who like skirts and dresses, or those who have had hip surgeries in the past, including seniors, can mount it with ease. This electric bike was for everyone who could cycle!

Hardtail Bike: Front Suspension

There’s a trade-off between shock absorption and efficient power consumption when it comes to electric bikes. That is, if you opt for a rigid electric bike (without a suspension system), it will consume less power but make your bones rattle with every bump in the road. Alternatively, if you opt for a full-suspension electric bike, you’ll have smooth rides but your battery will run out a tad bit faster. Enter hardtail e-bikes: the best of both worlds. 

Hardtail electric bikes only have a front suspension: one more than rigid and one less than full-sus cycles. So, they offer smooth rides while retaining consuming power efficiently! Our Peach Pixie, like almost all other E-movement bikes, is hardtail! 

14Ah Battery, Long Range

And this pink fat tyre e-bike is about more than just flair, incorporating a powerful 14Ah battery that provides incredible range. Don’t worry about checking off your errands in a single day or stepping out of town because Pixie’s motor will run for longer and provide you with a level-5 (or 3 or 9) pedal assistance choice when you’re tired of pedalling manually.

With a 14 Ah battery on Pixie, a rider weighing 70 kg can get a range of above 70 miles on plain roads with a pedal assist level one.

4 Stunning Pastel Colours

Unlike the bold and fierce Panther, Pixie prefers it bright and cheery. 

You get a peachy pastel pink that makes a statement with the bike’s chunky fat tyre frame. Then for fans of green, you get a light sage named Clover. Those looking for blue electric bikes rejoice! Are you tired of the glossy navy that every e-bike shop seems to have? Pixie comes in a light Sky blue – a colour that’s subtle but a bike that’s anything but. And of course, there’s the classic black for fans of edge and those who prefer their colours safe. 

General Pros and Cons of Pixie



4 stunning pastel colour options 

Powerful 14Ah battery

Hardtail bike: front suspension fork for shock absorption

Low minimum height: suitable for short and tall riders

Folding design

Fair pricing

Efficient power consumption due to one shock absorber

Lighter than Panther

Only one battery option

Hardtail; some people prefer full-suspension bikes

Still heavy to lift on public transport, although riding isn’t affected. 

Comparing Pixie and Panther

The bikes look to have incredibly similar frames – Pixie is inspired by Panther, after all. However, 

Let’s first discuss the similarities Pixie and Panther share:

Robust 48V Brushless Motors offering Road-Legal and Off-Road Variants 

Panther and Pixie share the same efficient rear-hub brushless motors. Not only have we integrated it with a high rating of 48V, but it’s also smaller, lighter, quieter, and won’t require frequent servicing. If you’re a thrill seeker who’s interested in navigating rugged terrains and climbing steep hills, these electric bikes will help you conquer them with ease 

You can get both these a 250 Watts UK road legal option or a 500-watt off-road variant. Both come with a disconnectable throttle, so you can toggle it through the e-bike’s settings. And you can even get the tires swapped to the 5-spoke star wheel that’s heavier and more suitable for off-roading. There is unmatched flexibility here: tailor your ride exactly to your preferences.

Folding Frame

Calling all frequent travellers, city dwellers, and those worrying about limited storage space . When you embrace the comfort and ease of Pixie and Panther’s innovative folding design, you’re unlikely to look back or consider other options. Carry your adventure with you on public transport or during transitions between wild trails and urban streets. 

These bicycles boast a folding mechanism that is both swift and secure, providing a hassle-free transition to save precious space and time. With their efficient fold and streamlined design, these pink e-bikes redefine portability to readily adapt to your dynamic lifestyle.

IP65 Dust and Water Resistance

Most riders worry about riding their bike in rainy weather, fearing that its electrical components, such as the battery pack or motor, will get wet and damaged. Fortunately, these pink e-bikes can fight off dust and water particles to guarantee perfect running conditions. You can enjoy year-round cycling adventures. 

Still, we don’t recommend using a pressure-water hose to wash the bike or cruising on the shore since it isn’t fully waterproof.

High Weight Tolerance

We all know many flimsy electric bikes out there that can hardly take on higher weights. However, both Pixie and Panther are incredibly sturdily built, and can easily accommodate you If you are up to 150 kg. In fact, a customer of that weight commented that he was sure these bikes could even take 200 kg! So you can be assured there is inclusiveness here; Inclusivity is the heart of our design philosophy after all.

Fat, All-Terrain Tyres for Stability

These electric folding bikes incorporate 20-inch fat tyres that are puncture-resistant and durable, absorbing vibrations and shocks to provide stellar grip both on and off-road. Whether you have to face strong winds and rocky paths or manoeuvre through traffic in small city spaces, these fat tyres will ensure a smooth ride and support you on every terrain effortlessly. 

Quick Fully Assembled Deliveries 

Have you ever ordered an electric bike from an international brand? Then you must know of the sheer effort it takes to get it assembled. Many just pay extra and get a nearby bike store to assemble it for them, But the ordeal is lengthy and time-consuming. Not to mention, the length of delivery times it takes. 

This is where E-movement goes the extra mile and stands apart from the crowd.

You can get these pink ebikes fully assembled at your doorstep In less than five days! Plus the deliveries are insured to protect against damages in transit

Backed by E-Movement’s Local Warranty

With multinational brands or cheap shady bikes , warranties Are incredibly time-consuming and often involve a lot of back-and-forth communication. Getting replacements from abroad can also be a hassle. However, E-Movement Only operates in the UK, Making it incredibly convenient and swift for you to claim a warranty on any of their Electric bikes, including Pixie and Panther. Both these pink electric bicycles are backed by a four-year warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on the electrical Components.

What to Get, Pixie or Panther?

Similarities in Pros: 


Road-legal (250W) and off-road (500W) variants available

IP-65 water and dust resistantLocal warranty: 3 years on frame, 1 year on electrical components

Backed by E-movement’s powerful customer support

High weight tolerance: up to 150kgs or more!

Free test rides in Woking (through appointment) and Weston-super-mare (just walk into Bike Parts Weston for one)

Digitally disconnectable throttle: turn it on or off through the bike’s settings

3, 5, and 9 levels of pedal assistance

Folding designs for easy storage

Efficient rear hub brushless motors for safe and efficient performance

Can be heavy to lift, although riding isn’t affected.

Many prefer larger 28-inch wheels

As to the final question, Which pink electric bike suits you? The daring Panther or the glamorous pixie? It all boils down to your ride preferences,  your range preferences, Your flexibility, And your height. 

If you are above 5.4 ft And do not mind mounting high bikes, You can opt for either Panther or Pixie. With Panther, you will get a smoother ride Suitable for off-road trails and very bumpy roads, And with Pixie, you will get a considerably comfortable ride with a slightly longer range. If you are smaller in stature, prefer wearing tighter clothes, or have hip flexibility concerns, opt for Pixie. 

In case you are looking for lighter bikes, you can check out Troy or Thor that weigh around 22 kg. We will compare them in detail in an upcoming blog. 


Well, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of style, convenience, flexibility, and power by purchasing one of our pink electric cyclesChurcher. We’ve got the perfect fit for you along with post-purchase care, hassle-free local warranty, and servicing . If you have any queries or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us on E-movement’s official website.