Where is e movement based and since when e movement is in the UK market ? Do you have a physical store or showroom?

Our HQ and showroom is located in Woking, which is a small town Of Surrey, just adjacent to London. We have been in the e bike trading since 2018 and have more than 10,000 satisfied customers. You will soon find our products in various High Street shops, across the UK. 

Is e movement registered with Company House and for VAT ?

e movement is the trading name of Kampyro ltd, which is registered in Company House under registration number 8644498, since Aug 2013. We are also VAT registered and our VAT number is 348214601. Besides, we are also registered with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Woking Chambers of Commerce and Cycle Trade Association and federation of Small Businesses.

What types of electric bikes and skateboards do you offer?

We offer fat-tire electric bikes, foldable electric bikes, step through electric bikes, electric bikes for commute, and electric bikes for off-field rides. We offer electric longboard, and an electric skateboard, both controlled through a hand-held remote.

How can I purchase an e movement electric bike or skateboard?

We offer our customers the choice to purchase both online and in-store from our showroom in Woking, Surrey. For in store purchase, we require our customers to book an appointment before coming.

How do I track my order after purchase and do you offer international shipping?

After the order is confirmed, our team assembles the product and checks to make sure everything is in order. Then we book the earliest slot available with our delivery partners, which is usually the next day. As soon as the product is collected, we are able to update our customers with the tracking information. We mainly ship in the UK, however, if someone would like a product shipped internationally, kindly email us at: move@emovement.co.uk and we can sort it out.

What is the warranty period for e movement products and how do I maintain them?

We offer 1 year warranty on our bikes, and 6 months warranty on our skateboards. For more information check out our Terms & Conditions. We recommend our customers to wipe and dry their electric bike / skateboard after every ride, to ensure that the electric parts stay dry. Furthermore, we recommend the bikes and skateboards to be serviced once a month, to ensure the best ride.

Are there any legal restrictions on using electric bikes in the UK?

In the UK, you don’t require a license or insurance to ride a pedal-assisted e-bike, given its motor is below 250W and its speed is below 25 km/h, with no throttle. Our electric bikes are road legal and match this requirement. However, if a rider wishes to use a more powerful e
bike, then it can only be used on private or off road.

Can you explain about the battery used in your e bikes? What is their type, charging time and are they replaceable ?

We use Samsung / LG and or Panasonic cells in all our batteries. All the batteries are replaceable, however for Thor e bike, the battery is integrated into the frame, which requires the removal of a couple screws to get the battery out. We offer batteries with different capacities. Our 7Ah battery has a range of 35-55km on a single charge. The exact range depends on the riding circumstances. Our 10Ah battery can offer a range of up to 40-70km on a single charge. Furthermore, we also offer 20Ah battery with our Hunter Extreme, suitable for even longer rides. Our smaller batteries take roughly 3 hours to charge, while our bigger batteries can take up to 4.5 hours. We recommend charging the battery after every ride to ensure the battery stays at full capacity – as soon as the battery is full, our charger switches off to avoid using more electricity.

Can I return or exchange an e movement product if I’m not satisfied?

You have a right to ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with the product. We can also offer an exchange, if there is another bike more suitable for the rider. Please contact e movement for further details.

Do you offer customisations for bikes or skateboards and do you offer discounts for bulk or corporate purchases??

For special request on customisations, and bulk
purchase, please contact us on move@emovement.co.uk, we are confident we can fulfil your request.

What payment methods do you accept and do you offer finance options ?

We accept all the major payment methods. Forfinance, we are partnered with Klarna, Snap financing, V12 finance and Cycle to Scheme (subject to approval).

Are there any user age or weight restrictions for E movement products?

Our products are not toys, and if used irresponsibly, could lead to injuries. Therefore, we recommend our riders to be over the age of 16. Any younger riders need to be supervised by responsible adult. The max weight suitable for our bike is 150Kg (not on all the bikes).

What should I do if my electric bike or skateboard needs repairs?

Our team situated in Woking, Surrey is trained to conduct any repair work necessary. Furthermore, e movement has partnered up with service centres across the UK. You can find the link of our service partners at our website. Kindly email us describing the issue, along with any pictures and videos, and your order number at: service@emovement.co.uk

How do I stay updated about new e movement products and promotions?

Check out e movement on Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, you can sign-up for our newsletter, so you don’t miss out on any offers and promotions.

Are e movement electric bikes suitable for off-road use and can I manually pedal an e movement electric bike?

Of course! We offer fat-tire electric bikes such as Hunter, Panther, and Thunder, that provide a comfortable ride on any surface. besides, our bikes can be used both manually, and with pedal-assist. As the electric bikes are heavier than normal bikes, due to the extra electrical equipment, it may require more force to pedal manually than regular bikes.

Are the electric bikes water resistant? Can they be ridden in the rain?

Yes, all e movement electric bikes are ip65 water resistant and can be ridden in the rain. However, we recommend riders to cover the electric parts while riding in rain and immediately wipe the bikes and electric components dry after riding.

Do e movement electric bikes come assembled, or will I need to assemble them myself?

We the first ever company in UK, who delivers fully assembled bikes to their customers. The purpose is to keep the purchasing process stress free for the rider. However, if a rider wishes to assemble it themselves, kindly leave a note on purchase, or send us an email at move@emovement.co.uk with your order number, and we can send it to you boxed.

How heavy are e movement electric bikes?

Please note that all electric bikes are supposed to be heavy due to electrical parts. e movement electric bikes weigh around 25-30 KG. To get the exact weight, kindly go to the “additional information” section for the bike.

Can I fit a child seat to an e movement electricbike?

Yes, our electric bikes can have a rear rack fitted onto the bike. These rear racks can mount a child seat. However, please note that we advise the rider to be extremely careful when riding with a child and we do not take responsibility about the safety of child seat.

How can I keep my battery in a healthy condition?

Keeping your battery in good and healthy condition is very important. Following are few recommendations:

a. Always fully charge the battery after each use. b.  Don't store the battery in dump, extreme low (below freezing) or high (above 40)
degree temp ©

c. Always protect the battery from water.

d. If you ride in rain, immediately dry the battery after use.

e. Do not over charge the battery.

f. Use recommended charger and charge under supervision. 

g. Never let your battery fully drained out.

h. If you are not using the bike, even then change the battery once every month.

i. Avoid hitting or dropping the battery.

Are there different size options available for e movement electric bikes?

We do have different size options for our electric bikes. Some of our bikes are particularly good for specific requirements. We also have step-through electric bikes. These make it easier for some of our riders to get on the bike. Feel free to contact us if you have any further queries

How does the electric assist mechanism work on emovement bikes?

On our electric bikes, there are 5 levels of pedal assistance. Level 5 provides the highest assistance, and level 1 provides a slight assistance. When you pedal, the bike accelerates further with the motor, and when you stop pedalling, the acceleration from the motor stops.

How does the folding mechanism work on e movement's folding electric bikes?

e movement Hunter, e movement Panther, and e movement Pixie are part of our folding line. To fold, simply unhook the bike from the middle and fold the bike. Ensure that you fold the bike towards you, so you don’t get your finger trapped. Then, simply unhook the handle and fold that too. A video guide can be found on our YouTube channel.

Can the power assist settings on e movement electric bikes be customized?

Yes, the power assist settings can be customised through the display settings. However, we don’t recommend our riders to do that, as it may affect the road legal status of the bike, and changing other settings may void the bike’s warranty. Kindly contact us before making any changes to the bike.

How do I charge the battery, and can it be charged while attached to the bike?

To charge the battery, power off your bike, and simply plug in the charging lead into the battery. You should see a red led light up on the charger, signalling that the bike isn’t fully charged.Switch on the electric switch and the battery
will start charging. When the charging is full, the red light will turn green. The battery can be charged while attached to the bike, and for bikes where the battery is removable, the battery can be removed to charge.

What type of brakes do e movement electric bikes use?

All e movement electric bikes use highly reliable hydraulic brakes. These brakes have the best stopping distance, and are highly reliable in different conditions.

Can I lock the electric assistance feature for safety purposes?

Yes, the electric assistance can be turned off by turning down the power assist level to 0, or by simply turning off the bike, making it fully manual.

What tire types are used on e movement electric bikes, and are they puncture-resistant?

We use only the best tyres for our bikes. Our standard tyres are premium 120 TPI puncture resistant tyres. For more details, please check the product specifications section under the bike.

How long does the motor on e movement bikes typically last before needing replacement?

e movement’s electrical bikes are durable and the motors will last the rider many years. To ensure the motor lasts as intended for a lengthy period, we recommend frequent service of the bikes.

How do I access the settings of the e movement bikes?

We DO NOT recommend changing the settings of your e bike. However to access the settings of the electric bikes, turn on the bike. Hold the + and – button for a few seconds and the settings should appear on the screen. To go through the settings, use the middle button, and to make changes, use the + or – button. To know what each settings means, kindly check out our guide on YouTube, or contact us.

How to switch On the e movement e Bikes?

a. To power on, first twist the ignition key clockwise

b. For Hunter Bike, press the ON/OFF button on the battery beneath seat, before ignition.

c. Hunter Extreme. The 20 Ah battery has a key and additional ON/OFF button. The key on battery is used to lock / unlock the battery in frame and also power ON / OFF the
battery Pack. One right click will lock the battery in the frame and the second right click will switch ON the battery Power. Single left click will disconnect the battery power. To unlock the battery from frame, turn the key further left (second left click), press the key and take out the key. make sure that the battery is locked in the frame all the time. Once the battery is ON, switch ON the ON/OFF button and then use the ignition key to switch on the main display.

d. Thunder/ Panther V4. Long Press the power button (the centre  button) on left side of handle bar till the display lights up. It shall be pressed for around 10 sec.

e. Thunder V4.2./ Aries.  Long Press the power button (the centre  button) on left side
of handle bar till the display lights up. It shall be pressed for around 10 sec.

f. Panther V4.2 / Pixie / Raven. Press the power button (the centre button) on the display
(left side on handle bar) for a few seconds till the display lights up

g. Hunter / Commute / Troy Bike. Press the power button (the centre button) on the
display (left side on handle bar) for a few seconds till the display lights up

h. Thunder Plus / Thunder Bikes.  Long Press the power button (the bottom button) on left side of handle bar till the display lights up. It shall be pressed for around 10 sec.

i. Thor Bikes. Long Press the On / OFF button. (this bike comes without ignition, but
has a pin protected screen)  

j. The plus (up) and minus (down) buttons on the display are for power assist. The
bike has 3,5 or 9 level of power assist. Usually it’s set on level5

k. To start, use power assist level 1. You can pedal or use the throttle, (on the right handle)

l. Gradually increase the power assist level, according to your requirement

m. For details, please visit our youtube channel or contact e movement.

How to charge the e movement batteries?

a. Insert the charger in charging port without applying any pressure.

b. The charging port can be found either on the battery or on the frame.

c. Connect with the electric socket

d. The LED light on charger will turn red.

e. When the bike is fully charged, the light will turn green

f. If the charger is not connected or not properly inserted, the LED will remain green.


My electric bike does not switch on, how should I diagnose and fix the issue?

Firstly, make sure that the battery receives charge. To do that, plug the charger into the battery, if a red led light pops
up on the charger, the battery will receive charge when plugged in. Secondly, ensure that the battery is switched
on, this is relevant for bikes such as Hunter Extreme, where there is a switch along with a key for the battery. There is also a button on the seat battery for Hunter Extreme 7 Ah that must be pressed for the bike to receive power. Along with this, make sure that the battery is inserted correctly and has been locked in with the key. Moving on, ensure that you use the key to
turn on the bike, and then hold the power button for a few seconds to power up
the display. If these fixes don’t work, kindly send us an email service@emovement.co.uk, detailing the issue with the bike and any fixes you may tried.

I’m experiencing an unusual noise from the motor area. What should I check?

An unusual noise or rattling may be heard from the rear wheel, where the motor is placed. This noise could be due to lose breaks, a loose wire, or a mudguard. Kindly ensure that all the parts are
fastened securely, and if the noise continues, send us an email at service@emovement.co.uk , describe what the unusual noise sounds like, and what
measures have you taken to fix it.

My electric bike's brakes are less responsive than usual. What should I do?

If the brakes are less responsive than usual, you may check the brake pads to see if they need replacing. If the brake pads are
smooth and depleted, they will need to be changed. If the level feels too soft, there may be issues with the brake fluid levels. These can be fixed by the rider themselves, or, can be done through any local bike shop.

Why doesn’t my pedal-assist mode work as expect?

There can be a few possible reasons for why the pedal-assist might not be working as expected. Usually, the sensor may need cleaning, or the settings may have been disturbed. If that does not fix the
issue, we will have to perform a system diagnostic to rectify the issue.

How can I prevent rust and corrosion on my electric bike?

We recommend our riders to ensure the bike is always wiped dry after a journey. This ensures that parts stay dry and safe from rust and corrosion. Regular cleaning the bike and use of anti-rust spray on moving parts will keep the bike in good condition. Dint use oil or grease on the chain / cassette. Always use the recommended material for these parts.

What should I do if the tire pressure seems lowor if I have a flat tire?

If the tire pressure is low, it can be topped up with a tire pump. The recommended PSI is written on the tire itself. If there
is a flat tire, there are repair kits available to fix any small punctures. If the tire needs replacing, this could be done through any local repair shop or through us. We always suggest to keep couple of spare inner tubes with you.
These tubes can be purchased from e movement website.

Why is my electric bike’s range less than advertised?

There are several factors that affect the range. Terrain, rider’s weight, riding habits, weather and battery conditions are few main reasons. A flatter or a downhill surface will lead to a higher range than the opposite. If the bike is maintained and cleaned regularly, it could result in a smoother ride, and a longer range. Temperature below -4 C can reduce the battery performance by 70%. The battery health also affects the range of a bike. If a bike is drove at a higher power assist level, the range will be compromised.

Can I upgrade components of my electric bike, like the battery or motor?

We allow our customers to choose the motor power and the battery capacity for our bikes. Customers are required to choose their selection before adding the bike to their cart. You can also upgrade them at a later stage.

What do I do if the throttle on my electric bike is not responding?

For bikes ridden on private land, riders can activate the throttle of the bike. A non-responsive throttle could be due to a couple reasons. Ensure that the brakes are not engaged, this can be seen through the brake light on the display – an engaged brake cuts off the motor. Also ensure the bike is fully charged before riding. Check the throttle status from the display setting and make sure that its enabled. To find the relevant setting, check out our YouTube channel, or contact us. Rarely, the throttle wire that connects to the connector might have come loose.

Where can I get my e movement electric bike serviced or repaired?

Majority of bike riders service their bikes themselves, as they do not need any special treatment for a routine maintenance and service. Electric bikes can also be serviced or repaired at any bike repair shop that is trained to work with electric bikes. We also have approved repair partners. These partners are hand selected by e movement, and e movement can vouch them for their service and ability. Riders can book service or repairs directly with us, kindly send us an email at service@emovement.co.uk , or give us a call to book an appointment with our highly skilled technicians.