Thunder – Our Slickest Fat Tyre
E Bike

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Quick Overview

The E-Bike Thunder  from E movement demonstrates how e-bikes can have a sleek and seamless design. An  upgrade to the our successful 2019,  S2 mountain bike.

The first change in the upgrade was the tyres, Thunder is the proud owner of two fat 4″ terrain eating tyres that give that smooth ride over any surface.  Coupled with the new Hydraulic front and rear disc brakes this bike can handle most of your adventure. The hardtail frame was redesigned sporting beautiful new curves and defining lines with a fully integrated battery making look part of the frame, yet fully removable for convenience. We have worked hard to make a very successful bike better.Available in the sporty white and red or black matt with either blue or yellow graphics. 

Thunder, our  S-2, V2 electric bike offers a smooth ride with front suspension absorbing any bumps along your journey.  All our Thunder  models have been kitted out with front and rear mudguards and a super bright cool white LED light that is controlled from the thumb panel where the horn is located. 

The beauty of this bike will turn heads and featuring  an external removable LG battery secured with its own key lock system. The bike has a second key system that is required to start the electric systems. The bike is able to be ridden as a normal bike if you choose to do so.  


If you leave your e-bike in power mode 1 that is the most eco efficient level of assist and you will easily get way around 50-75 km.

With its powerful motor the bike has been limited to a top speed of 25kmh.

The large digital backlit panel of this model is really beautiful with large fonts and lots of information regarding power, trips and speedo.

One of the awesome features of this bike is the twist and go feature, which is positioned in front of the right handle grip to ensure ease of use.

Thunder will impress with its range. Using the twist and go you are able to get a mega 23 miles which can be doubled or even tippled if you are using the pedalac system*. 

Other defining specs are the electric brake system; this bike has hydraulic disc brakes as standard  but also the electric motor is synced with the brake system to provide not only more braking assistance but regenerate any wasted power back to the battery cells.  

The phone holder with charge port ensures you can be safe and ready. There are so many more features this E bike will not disappoint.

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No Stress Warranty.

All of our E-Bikes come with a 1 year standard warranty of electrics and a 4 year warranty on the bike. The best bit about our warranties are we are a UK company so no wait while the Warranty is dealt with in Europe or China.

*top speed may vary depending on user’s weight, road condition etc.
*max range may vary according to user’s weight, battery charge and road condition.