Electric Scooter S-3 Dual Suspension


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Quick Overview

The E Movement S-3 Scooter is the first of its kind in the UK with professional engineering and high-quality this unique design offers a safe and stable ride. 

Slick and cable free with integrated front LED light and cool blue back lit control panel what’s not to love about this scooter. Top speed of 15.6 MPH means you can cover 2 miles in just 8 minutes with a range capable of reaching 30 miles between charges. Thats a lot of travelling. 

A 36v LG battery, large stand platform with a sturdy high quality build makes this a premium choice of electric scooter.

Made from aluminium, this vehicle has dual suspension assisting the smooth ride.  With 10 inch solid puncture proof hard wearing wheels so flat tyres are not a worry.

 A triple braking system,  dual hand brakes controlling the twin drum brakes and a rear foot brakes offer excellent stopping power with built in rear brake light. 


No Stress Warranty.

All of our products come with a 1 year standard warranty of electrics and a 4 year warranty on the bike. The best bit about our warranties are we are a UK company so no wait why the Warranty is dealt with in Europe or China.


Personal electrical vehicles are the responsibility of the owner. Before riding, the laws of the country must be checked on the subject. We are not responsible for any mishaps, accidents or violation of any rules / laws  by the use of this product.

The correct safety protection should be worn when using any vehicle of emovement.co.uk. This includes but is not limited to helmet, gloves, elbow, knee and body pads.

Remember! Most importantly HAVE FUN

*top speed may vary depending on user’s weight, road condition etc.
*max range may vary according to user’s weight, battery charge and road condition and temperature.