Electric Scooter S-2 Folding


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Quick Overview

The S-2 E Movement scooter is a lightweight agile yet beautiful scooter. The simplistic easy foldable design is a great feature for easy carrying. 

This feature packed scooter has front suspension, forward facing bright white LED light and digital control panel. 

Powered from the LG 36v battery the throttle and brake system are controlled with thumb push tabs  located under side of the handle bars.

The frame is made from aluminium and the 8inch wheels are pneumatic solid puncture proof tyres so getting flat tyre is never an issue with the E Scooter S-2. 

A maximum speed of 20 MPH will enable travel of 2 miles in 6 minutes.  When compared to walking, is over 20 minutes quicker.

The S-2 uses a drum braking system providing excellent stopping power.

If you’re looking for a high quality affordable scooter that is lightweight, responsive and foldable then the S-2 will not disappoint.


Personal electrical vehicles are the responsibility of the owner. Before riding, the laws of the country must be checked on the subject. We are not responsible for any mishaps, accidents or violation of any rules / laws  by the use of this product.

The correct safety protection should be worn when using any vehicle of emovement.co.uk. This includes but is not limited to helmet, gloves, elbow, knee and body pads.

Remember! Most importantly HAVE FUN

*top speed may vary depending on user’s weight, road condition etc.
*max range may vary according to user’s weight, battery charge and road condition.