The Panther Plus


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Quick Overview

Our New E-Movement Panther plus is available in 500W motor. Details as under:

Aluminium alloy 6061 folding frame
LG 48V, 10Ah Battery
500 W Brushless Motor, Alloy 5 spoke sports Rim
Hydraulic front suspension, rear brake light, Dual Brakes, Hydraulic plus E Brake
25 km/h speed*
Range up to 50 Assisted Miles Pedlac*

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4-6 Hour Charge Time
5 Levels of Pedal Assist
Carbon Smart
Frame Size adult”
Wheel Size 20×4″ fat tyres
Weight – 32 kg with battery
Recommended Riders weight – Up to 150 kg
Recommended minimum rider height: 5’6
Shimano Tourney Thumb Shifter
Aluminium Pedals
Water Resistant IP65 Rated
Free Front and rear Mud Guards, Led Light with Electric Horn, stand, Combination padlock, Mobile Phone Holder with USB Port and tool kit*.
Free 3 Month Running In Check and Service*


We stock all spares and maintenance parts for any of our EPV’s. You are also able to obtain tyres, inner tubes etc from other good stockists.

No Stress Warranty.

All of our E-Bikes come with a 1-year standard warranty of electrics and a 4-year warranty on the bike. The best bit about our warranties is we are a UK company so no wait while the Warranty is dealt with in Europe or China.

 Warranty Info

 What the Warranty Covers, and for how long?

The bike (less free accessories) is covered including the electronics and battery for 1 year from purchase and the body parts for 4 years.

Who Is the Warranty Provider?

The warranty is provided by E-Movement

How Can a Customer Claim on the Warranty?

Customers can contact us directly from our website and we will handle warranty claims.


The warranty is void If:

  • The bike has any water ingress into electronic parts. For example from a pressure washer.
  • The bike  has not been maintained such as unchanged punctures and riding with loose or missing parts
  • The bike has been misused/abused/damaged
  • The bike has been serviced or modified by anyone other than an authorised partner. The modification also includes changing/tampering the factory setting on display meter.


  • Please be mindful that it is your responsibility to regularly check the brakes, tyres, chain and pedals of your EPV. Which includes any fixtures or fittings for the correct function and then any maintenance tasks should be carried out if necessary. For example,  checking tyres for air. You would need to add air from a standard bicycle pump. The recommended tyre pressure is between 20-22psi.
  • Use of compatible protective gears for EPV is your responsibility.
  • Please avoid dangerous riding.
  • Pedal insertion is an easy step. Please make sure to pair the correct sided pedal (R & L) for your bikes. Mismatching and using force can damage and cross thread the pedals, which is not covered under our warranty. Please use the proper tutorials to insert the pedals which can be found on our video page. For clarity your left and right is the same as the bikes left and right if you were seated on the bike in a ready to ride position.
  • Pease check local regulations about use of EPVs, safety equipment and age restrictions.

 Important details you need to know

  • We recommended maximum rider weight: 150kg.
  • We recommended rider age: 16 years +
  • * Depends on battery, terrain and riders weight.
  • * Eco miles are calculated with power assist mode 1, with rider weight of 65 kg, in a temp of 25 C  and on a flat surface, with ideal environments.
  • * If in stock
  • * By appointment only. Customer to drop the bike.