Folding Fat Tyre E Bike “Panther” 350W for Ladies


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The E-Bike S-5 Panther from E movement is great example of a professionally engineered, high quality electric personal vehicle.

The S-5 is a newly  launched summer 2020 model, being feature packed with fat tyres that give a quiet, stable ride. Preforming excellent on normal road and off road surfaces.  Surfaces that would otherwise deem you immobile are no problem for the Panther. Sandy, pebble beaches and even the snow wont even stop you getting about.


The S-5 has a simple  folding design with sleek branding which complements the removable Samsung battery. The battery is designed inside the frame, keeping them sleek and secure.

This powerful bike has been limited to a top speed of 25kmh.

This E-Movement Bike has one of the strongest pedal assistance motors available on the market, it provides a real assertive punch making long heavy hills a breeze. It has to be felt to truly understand the assistance power provided when peddling.

One of the awesome features of this bike is the twist and go feature. The twist throttle is positioned next to the handle grip, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride.

The Panther will continues to impress with its awesome range. Using the twist and go you are able to get a mega 20 miles which can be doubled or even tippled if you are using the assisted pedal*. What ever way you choose to ride this bike you will not be disappointed.


If you leave your e-bike in power mode 1 that is the most eco efficient level of assist and you will easily get around 50 – 75 km.

Other defining specs are the electric brake system; this bike has hydraulic disc brakes but also the electric motor is synced with the brake system to provide not only more braking  assistance but regenerate any wasted power back to the battery cells.  Its sleek digital displays offers a range of features and stats. Front LED light, horn and phone holder with charge port ensures you can be safe and ready. There are so many more features this E bike will not disappoint.

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No Stress Warranty.

All of our E-Bikes come with a 1 year standard warranty of electrics and a 4 year warranty on the bike. The best bit about our warranties are we are a UK company so no wait why the Warranty is dealt with in Europe or China.