E-Movement was launched with a vision to provide convenience, affordability, and quality to the UK’s consumer market of recreational and dedicated bicycle riders. Due to the E-Movement team’s sincere effort and years of experience in the electric vehicles industry, the company has met with the growing interest and increasing demand, which consequently improves the business and provides new opportunities to the stakeholders of the company.
Therefore, E-Movement is calling out experienced and dedicated e-bike wholesalers in the UK to establish a business-to-business wholesale partnership.
E-Movement has its own design and manufacturing plant where the team designs the vehicles with complete originality and manufactures them with high-end equipment material. Since the company has its own plant, it is capable to provide products in bulk to other wholesalers with guaranteed quality and originality.
If you are a wholesaler, you can acquire e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-skateboards of all kinds in bulk at fair market prices and become our profitable business partner. E-bikes, e-scooters, and e-skateboards will be provided to you with your preferred design and equipment as per the ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing).
Interested in our wholesale e-bikes business partnership? Fill out this form below and send it to us.