Thunder Special – Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike for Ladies


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Quick Overview

We bring to you The Thunder Special the latest from E-Movement’s newest Carbon Smart range of electric bikes. Easy functions and a Samsung cell battery . This bike is a special edition and have been produced on a limited run, 10 of each colour.  (Don’t worry the bike uses all our standard fit parts and spares.

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Thunder Special is the proud owner of two black spoke black alloy rims with 2.35″ tyres to give that smooth ride.  Both brakes sport 160mm disc hydraulic operated front and rear.  This bike can handle most adventures out and about it makes a great weekend woodland and canal rider. The hardtail frame has defining design with an integrated battery only found on premium e-bikes  yet fully removable for convenience.

This Limited Edition bike has hydraulic front forks and a  multi geared rear hub smart motor. The bike has been limited to a top speed of 25kmh.


This is our first e-bike to feature a full colour LCD display with speedo, trip meter, battery meter and odometer so you can view  your journeys data and know how far you have traveled. One of the awesome features of this bike is the twist and go feature, which is positioned in front of the right handle grip to ensure ease of use.

Thunder will impress with its range. Using the twist and go you are able to get a mega 23 miles which can be doubled or even tippled if you are using the pedalac system with a range of 35 to 50+ miles*. 


If you leave your e-bike in power mode 1 that is the most eco efficient level of assist and you will easily get approx 50-75 KM. The 30 – 50+ range is for those looking for constant assistant.

Other defining specs are the electric brake system; this bike has hydraulic disc brakes as standard  but also the electric motor is synced with the brake system to provide not only more braking assistance but regenerate any wasted power back to the battery cells.  

We welcome you to come and test drive any of our vehicles today in at our testing area. Via appointment only.

No Stress Warranty.

All of our E-Bikes come with a 1 year standard warranty of electrics and a 4 year warranty on the bike. The best bit about our Warranty. We are a UK company with UK stock and spares so no wait while the Warranty is dealt with in Europe or China.

*top speed may vary depending on user’s weight, road condition etc.
*max range may vary according to user’s weight, battery charge and road condition.




We bring to you Thunder Special the latest from E-Movement’s newest CarbonSmart models sporting a beautiful integrated detachable Samsung battery. This bike is a special edition and have been produced on a limited run, 10 of each colour.  (Don’t worry the bike uses all our standard fit parts and spares.

The Thunder EMTB  comes with a 1 year UK warranty for electrical components and 4 year warranty for body parts.

Thunder Special Electric Bike Facts:

  • Aluminium Alloy 6061 Frame
  • Samsung Removable Key Locked 48V, 10.5Ah Battery (detachable)
  • Brushless Geared 350W Rear Hub Motor
  • Coloured LCD display with USB Port
  • 5 Levels of Pedal Assist
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes 160mm Discs
  • CarbonSmart
  • Black Alloy Spoke Hubs
  • 25 KMH max speed*
  • Range up to 50 Assisted Miles Pedlac*
  • EcoMiles Up to 70*
  • 4-6 Hour Charge Time
  • Frame Size 17″
  • Wheel Size 26×2.35″
  • Weight – 23 kg with battery
  • Recommended minimum rider height: 4’8
  • Shimano Tourney Rear Derailleur
  • Shimano Tourney Thumb Sifter
  • CE, FC, RoHS, MSDS
  • Aluminium Pedals
  • Water Resistant IP65 Rated
  • Free Front / Rear Mud Guards, Front Led Light, Electric Horn, Stand, Combination padlock and tool kit *
  • Free 3 Month Running In Check and Service*

The Newest E MTB in Our Range

Feast your eyes upon our Special edition Thunder. Available in three colour combinations each a statement.  The 17″ alloy frame owns a structure of curves sitting upon its 26″ wheels and  2.35″ tyres.  The Samsung battery sits neatly integrated into the frame and easily removable after it has been unlocked with its security key. You can charge the battery still in place on the frame, or with it detached.

Our Opinion

This is an excellent choice of E-Bike,  it’s the next smallest frame from our range against the commute. With the trials style frame it is suitable for both short and tall users.  It is feature packed being our very first e-bike with a colour LCD screen. With key ignition and key lockable frame integrated battery that is also removable. So you can bring in the battery pack for the winter if you store the bike frame outside.  Or maybe you like real long rides so you can carry a spare battery a rucksack. With the comfy ride position and lockable hydraulic suspension this bike is great for long rides on the road or off road riding. It doesn’t fold so wouldn’t be suitable for small boots or small storage spaces.  Although the front wheel and saddle have quick release clasps for easy adjustment and removal.  To sum up this is a great universal versatile bike with bundles of style and great torque with a range to back up the high quality features and spec. The Thunder Special can handle hills with ease at around a maximum 25% gradient. Remember  you still have to select the correct manual gear on an electric bike. For example, to climb a steep hill  select manual bike gear 1 or 2 and pedal up with the bike taking out all the hard work.



All of our e-bikes have been issued CarbonSmart recognition from CarbonSmart.UK.

Carbon Smart logo


We stock all spares and maintenance parts for any of our EPV’s. You are also able to obtain tyres, inner tubes etc from other good stockists.

Warranty Info

What the Warranty Covers, and for how long?

The bike (less free accessories) is covered including the electronics and battery for 1 year from purchase and the body parts for 4 years.

Who Is the Warranty Provider?

The warranty is provided by E-Movement

How Can a Customer Claim on the Warranty?

Customers can contact us directly from our website and we will handle warranty claims.


The warranty is void If:

  • The bike has any water ingress in to electronic parts. For example from a pressure washer.
  • The bike  has not been maintained such as unchanged punctures and riding with loose or missing parts
  • The bike has been misused/abused/damaged
  • The bike has been serviced or modified by anyone other than an authorised partner. Modification also includes changing / tampering the factory setting on display meter.


  • Please be mindful that it is your responsibility to regularly check the brakes, tyres, chain and pedals of your EPV. Which includes any fixtures or fittings for the correct function and then any maintenance tasks should be carried out if necessary. For example,  checking tyres for air. You would need to add air from a standard bicycle pump. The recommended tyre pressure is between 30-40psi.
  • Use of compatible protective gears for EPV is your responsibility.
  • Please avoid dangerous riding.
  • Pedal insertion is an easy step. Please make sure to pair the correct sided pedal (R & L) for your bikes. Mismatching and using force can damage and cross thread the pedals, which is not covered under our warranty. Please use the proper tutorials to insert the pedals which can be found on our video page. For clarity your left and right is the same as the bikes left and right if you were seated on the bike in a ready to ride position.
  • Pease check local regulations about use of EPVs, safety equipment and age restrictions.
  • Always charge the battery under supervision and avoid over charging.
  • It is not a Toy Never use this product at unauthorised place.
  • Only use in accordance with local regulations.
  • Protective Helmet / Gears are strongly recommended
  • Minimum age recommended – 16 years
  • Max Weight Limits – 100 KG / 220 lbs
  • Recycle Only according to local rules


Important details you need to know

  • We recommended maximum rider weight: 120kg.
  • We recommended rider age: 16 years +
  • * Depends on battery, terrain and riders weight.
  • * Eco miles are calculated with power assist mode 1, with rider weight of 65 kg, in a temp of 25 C  and on a flat surface, with ideal environments.
  • * If in stock
  • * By appointment only. Customer to drop the bike.

Additional information


Blue/Yellow, Grey/Red, White/Red

Top Speed

25 km


25 – 50KM


23 kg

Motor Power (Watts)

350 W

Charge Time

4-6 hours

Front Brakes

Hydraulic Disc

Rear Brakes

Hydraulic Disc & Electric

Front Wheel

26×2.35" with Inner Tube

Rear Wheel

26×2.35" with Inner Tube

Front Lights


Rear Lights

Attachable – Not provided

Rear Reflector


Wheel Size

26×2.35" Tyres

Frame Size




Maximum Rider Weight

120 kg


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