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Road-Legal Electric Bikes

All E-Movement e-bikes now come in road-legal versions!

Traffic, fuel costs, and air and noise pollution have been at their highest. Luckily, road e-bikes can help.

We stock the prefect range of high-quality, affordable electric road bikes in UK. From folding fat e-bikes to mountain e-bikes with 250W road-legal motors, you’ll definitely find an electric bicycle that suits your fancy here.

The Best Electric Road Bikes In the UK- Choose E-Movement

An adventurer’s dream come true, road-legal electric bikes are here to add that thrill to your daily commuting.

Imagine effortlessly gliding up steep hills, covering more ground on your cycling adventures, and experiencing the thrill of road biking without the strain. Electric road bikes make all of this possible, revolutionizing the way we ride and opening up a world of possibilities for cyclists of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner looking for an extra boost, there’s an electric road bike out there for you, and E-Movement is the perfect place to find it.

Explore our collection of sleek and lightweight ebikes for roads, hybrid road-mountain electric bikes, and fat-tyre road ebikes. Our electric road bikes for sale come with efficient rear hub motors, various battery capacities & frames for a powerful ride experience. Get all the accessories you need to customize your bike from us – pannier racks, helmets & more!

When you make the switch to e-bikes, you adopt a more healthy and environmentally conscious mode of travel. Plus, you save on fuel costs and avoid those traffic jams. But what is it that these electric bikes offer that’s different from a mainstream cycle? Let’s explore.

Pedalling Made Easier

We understand only some are able or have the energy or stamina to adopt mainstream cycling as their primary mode of commute. Road-legal ebikes solve this problem. Called electrically assisted pedal cycles for a reason, these bikes use a lithium-ion battery and electrical motors to provide an additional electric boost to your pedalling efforts. You can breeze through with the help of the battery-powered vehicle if you feel like it, or just keep pedalling and switching to motor assistance when the mood demands it.

Speak of Versatility

Your choice is hardly limited to lightweight city e-bikes. Even mountain bikes, with their thick and rugged tyres, come in road-legal 250W versions. City electric bikes serve duality – they can work as adventurous partners and carry out mundane tasks such as grocery shopping. You can fold some and store them easily in cramped spaces or in your car’s boot.

Considering how e-bikes take less space, provide near-silent fun, and get the work done swiftly, cars, cycles electric scooters, motorbikes, and vans likely have some serious competition coming.

What Our Collection Includes

We recognize at E-Movement that each rider has their unique preferences, budgets, and riding styles. That’s why we offer an extensive range of electric road bikes to suit your needs, from sleek road e-bicycles to versatile hybrid road-mountain bikes and fat-tyre road e-bikes.

Your choice is hardly limited to lightweight city e-bikes. Even mountain bikes, with their thick and broad tyres, come in road-legal 250W versions. City electric bikes serve duality – they can work as adventurous partners and carry out mundane tasks such as grocery shopping.

A comprehensive warranty backs all our bikes, giving you the confidence to ride worry-free.

Sleek and Lightweight E-Road Bikes

Our sleek and lightweight e-road bikes are the epitome of style, efficiency, and performance. They might be exactly what you’re searching for. With their elegant design and power assistance, you’ll be able to conquer long rides, group outings, and even the toughest climbs with ease. Not only will you look great, but you’ll also feel like you’re flying on the open road, turning heads as you go.

Electric road bicycles feature lightweight frames and shock-absorbing forks, dropped handlebars for an aerodynamic riding position, and high-end performance that rivals traditional road bikes. With extended-range capabilities, these electric gravel bikes are perfect for those who want to push their limits and ride faster, farther, and more efficiently in the UK.

  • Choose Troy if you need a no-nonsense lightweight electric bicycle with slick, skinny tyres meant strictly for road riding. Bonus: its step-thru frame is easy to mount, even if you’re wearing tight attire or have stiffer hips.

  • Choose Thor if you need a hybrid road ebike that can ace roads and mountains alike. Its light weight built combined with components from giants like Bafang, SRAM, RST, and Maxxis make it a force to be reckoned with indeed.

Hybrid Road-Mountain Electric Bikes

Our hybrid electric bikes, including electric mountain bike options, cater to those who desire versatility and the capacity to alternate between city commuting and off-road escapades. These bikes are equipped with powerful motors, durable frames, and a comfortable riding position, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride no matter the terrain.

State-of-the-art components make our hybrid electric bikes suitable for both road riding and commuting, while battery capacities provide a decent range for extended trips. Choose Aries, Thunder, or Thor if you require an eMTB that also serves as a commuter bike.

With lights, mudguards, and racks included, these bikes are perfect for riders who need the flexibility to tackle various terrains and conditions.

Fat-Tyre Road eBikes

Our fat-tyre road eBikes are an excellent choice if you need a bike capable of effortlessly traversing different terrains. These bikes boast 4-inch wide tyres, providing improved grip and traction on challenging terrain such as snow and sand. With increased stability and shock dampening, you’ll be able to confidently tackle urban and off-road environments alike.

You can choose:

  • Panther, if you require a chunky full-suspension folding fat ebike with bold colours

  • Pixie, if you love Panther but need a more inclusive step-through frame with a lower minimum height requirement. Bonus: pastel colourways!

  • Raven, if you need a large battery, low frame, and sleekest black electric bike out there

  • Thunder, if you fancy large fat-tyre mountain bikes

  • Aries if you need a mountain bike with no top tube and step-thru frame

  • Hunter Extreme if you require a long-range electric bike that has the lowest height requirement with a low-step frame

Fat-tyre road eBikes are perfect for carrying heavy loads while still providing a smooth ride. From city streets to off-road trails, these bikes are designed to conquer any obstacle in style and comfort.

The Features of Our Electric Road Bikes

Packed with cutting-edge features, our electric road bikes guarantee a superior riding experience. Some of the features include:

Explore the features that set our bikes apart and discover the perfect ride for your needs.

Digitally Connected Throttles

There is no need to buy separate bikes for the roads and mountains under our watch. All e-movement bikes have digitally disconnectable throttles that you can simply toggle off through settings, except Thor that requires you to unplug a cable. So, you can keep your electric bike road-legal while commuting and switch the throttle on when do you need that extra boost.

Motor Type: Rear Hub

Neither like the risky front hub motors nor among the expensive mid-drive motors we have incorporated rear hub ones for safe yet cost-efficient riding.

Equipped with battery-powered rear motors, all our electric bikes offer efficient power delivery for a seamless cycling experience. These motors are:

  • Lightweight

  • Powerful

  • Incredibly reliable

  • Budget-friendly

  • Backed by a great warranty and aftercare packages

Say goodbye to struggling up hills and hello to smooth, effortless power assistance.

Coupled with hydraulic brakes, our e-road bicycles offer reliable stopping power, ensuring you can ride with confidence and control. Whether you’re navigating busy city streets or tackling steep descents, you can trust our rear hub motor systems to keep you moving efficiently and safely.

Flexible Battery Capacity and Range Options

The battery capacity of your electric road bike is a key factor in determining your travel distance on a single charge. Our bikes offer a range of battery capacities, including:

  • 7Ah

  • 10Ah

  • 12.8Ah

  • 14 Ah

  • 20Ah

  • 27Ah

This gives you the flexibility to choose the right balance between power, affordability, and range for your needs.

With electric road bikes capable of reaching up to 100km on a single charge, you can embark on longer rides without fear of running out of juice.

Charging your road e-bike is a breeze, with fast and portable chargers that can even fil up your battery in two hours. With a range of capacities and fast charging times, you’ll be ready to tackle any adventure that comes your way.

Aluminium Frames

Our electric road bikes rely on aluminium frames for durability and riding comfort. These high-strength frames are low-maintenance, corrosion-resistant, and weather-resistant, ensuring your bike stands up to the test of time and the elements.

All of our frames come with a four-year warranty and electric components come with a one-year warranty for your peace of mind. With their combination of strength, thermal efficiency, and stylish design, these frames make for perfectly balanced bikes.

Hardtail to Full-Suspension Systems

We acknowledge that rider preferences may differ when it comes to shock dampening. That’s why our electric road bikes come with at least one shock absorber, catering to various cycling styles and terrains, including town riding. And given the potholes on the UK’s roads, we do not stock cheaper rigid electric bikes that rattle with every bump.

Hardtail systems, with their rigid frames, shock-absorbing front suspension fork and no rear suspension, are lighter, more power-efficient and more budget-friendly, while full-suspension systems offer increased comfort and control for a smoother journey.

Whether you prefer the simplicity of a hardtail or the added comfort of a dual-suspension system, our electric gravel bikes have you covered.

Get Accessories for Electric Road Bikes

From complementary accessories included with every purchase to additional purchasable accessories, we have everything you need to customize your electric road bike and make it truly your own.

Complementary Accessories with Every Purchase

Every E-Movement electric road bike comes with a set of complementary accessories to enrich your biking experience. These include:

  • Rear rack/ rear pannier rack

  • Integrated Lights

  • Fenders

  • Kickstand

  • Battery cover

  • Front basket, if compatible with your bike

  • Lock

With these essentials included, you’ll be ready to hit the road as soon as your bike arrives.

Not only do these accessories improve your riding experience, but they also provide added safety and convenience. From increased visibility with lights to secure storage with a lock, you will have everything you need to enjoy your road e-bicycles to the fullest.

Purchasable Accessories

For those looking to further customize their electric road bike, we offer a range of purchasable accessories, including:

These additional accessories allow you to tailor your bike to your specific needs, preferences, and style, ensuring a truly personalized riding experience.

Safety should always be a priority when cycling and our purchasable accessories provide an added layer of protection. With our selection of accessories, you can cycle with confidence, knowing you have everything you need for a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable swing. Some of our recommended accessories include:

Enhance your safety while cycling and have a more enjoyable riding experience.

An Investment That Matters

At E-Movement, our electric road bikes have a robust build and can last a long time in perfect condition. We use top-notch materials, brushless rear-hub motors, aluminium frames and pedals, and provide post-purchase support like no other company.

If you choose from a well-reputed local company like us, you can get hassle-free servicing, find repair parts, and make full use of your warranties.

Most importantly, investing in an electric bike matters for the sake of your health and environment. You get to exercise more, your fuel costs and usage decrease, you contribute less to traffic congestion and noise pollution, and you get to enjoy your day – a bang for your buck for real.

The UK Law to Track

Are electric bikes legal in the UK? Yes, they are.

Electric bicycles fall under the category of Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles. And as per EAPC rules in the UK, they must be under 250W to be considered road legal. Additionally, the EAPC requirements imply that you need to use pedelecs – e-bikes without throttle that generate power only after the rider starts pedalling. If your e-bike has a throttle, make sure it is disconnectable so you can retain your bike’s legality when using it on public properties

EAPC requirements stem from the fact that individuals riding bicycles do not need to give tests to earn a driving licence. So, they must operate electric bikes that do not speed as much as a motorcycle or moped (speed pedelec or s pedelec) to keep themselves and the public safe. The top speed should be 25 kph.

If your e-bike’s electric motor has a peak power above 250W, you are not legally allowed to use it on the road or on public property. And if your answer is “nobody’s checking”, you should remember that other cyclists on cycle paths and lanes can not accelerate their vehicles as much as you can accelerate your electric bike, making your actions dangerous for them.

Stick to cycle paths and cycle lanes and observe safety measures to ride safely.

You should know that it is perfectly legal to use e-bikes above the mentioned maximum power output for off-road riding.

Get Your Electric Road Bike Today

Electric bikes encompass all that an individual would want in a cycle. And micro-mobility is the future anyway; so, what are you waiting for? Browse our collection and find yourself the perfect road electric bike for UK roads. Find the best electric road bikes that perfectly match your needs and preferences at E-Movement. Our extensive range of sleek, efficient, and comfortable bikes ensures there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider.

Don’t miss out on the revolutionary electric road bike experience – visit E-Movement today and find your dream bike.

Psst. You can get to test-ride an electric bike before purchasing. Just contact us!