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The Cycle to Work Schemes for Electric Bikes

The cycle to work scheme is designed to help you save money on your purchase of an e-bike for commuting to work.

It allows you to spread the cost of the bike over tax-free monthly instalments via your computer. You could save up to 47% on a new bike!

Get Your eBike Through Your Employer

If your employer is register with a Cycle to Work scheme certificate provider, you can agree to a salary sacrifice model and get your e-bike through them. 

Employers get tax benefits, employees get bikes, and the overburdened roads get to take a sigh of relief.

At emovement, we accept the following Cycle to Work certificates:

  • The Bike2Work Scheme
  • Green Commute Initiative (GCI)
  • Caboodle
  • Vivup
  • Cycle2Work (Halfords)
  • Cycle Solutions

How Does It Work?

step 1

Find out which scheme your employer is signed up with  or invite them to sign up. We can help with this.

step 2

Browse our range to choose which e-bike and accessories you would like. Make a note of the total price.

step 3

Request your eCertificate at the required total price. You can then send us your certificate to place your order.

Already Have a Voucher?

We’ll place your order for you. Get in touch!