what are cycle to work schemes?

Cycle to work schemes are designed to help you save money and commute using a new bike.

It allows you to spread the cost of the bike over tax-free monthly instalments via your employer.

You could save up to 47% on a new bike!

Why cycle to work?

✓ A healthier you – both in the mind and body

✓ Reaching your fitness goals more quickly

✓ A happier you as you become healthier and fitter

✓ Enjoying your commute to work so you arrive feeling energised

✓ Saving money on fuel and car parking costs

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how does it work?

Find out which scheme your employer is signed up with or invite them to sign up. We can help with this.

Browse our range to choose which e-bike and accessories you would like. Make a note of the total price.

Request your eCertificate at the required total price. You will then send us your certificate to place your order.

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a cycle to work scheme.