Folding Electric Bike Vs Normal Electric Bike

An Analysis:

For many across the globe, riding an electric bike has proved to be a good alternative to many other means of transportation as this form provides both; sustainability along with a form of exercise. Such healthy ways of living must be encouraged and when taking into account the very structure of these bikes, there is no doubt that their structure have changed drastically over the past couple of years, with each newer version becoming more and better of the previous one. A clear difference between folding and regular electric bike can be analyzed quite thoroughly from the below mentioned facts:


Difference between Normal Electric Bikes and Folding Electric Bikes:

As the name of these bikes indicate, the only difference between both of these categories is that one is foldable while the other is not, with the former weighing a little extra than the latter. The following analysis of the pros and cons of both these bikes will provide a more detailed account into them:


  1. Price

Since folding electric bikes provide an extra feature in comparison to the regular electric bikes, it is for this reason that the former has a comparatively greater price. People trying to buy an electric bike while remaining on a budget may prefer the regular ones since they provide the same features along with ease.


  1. Weight

Folding Electric Bikes are comparatively heavier than the regular ones because of their folding feature. With a weight range of 18 lbs to 35 lbs, folding ones can be even more expensive when designed with a lightweight technology.


  1. Carrying Capacity

The carrying capacity of regular electric bikes is far greater than the folding ones since the latter aren't as strongly built as the former. Electric bikes have a well built and hefty structure that has a considerably increased weight carrying capacity. With this bike, you are now able to explore new places of any sort, keeping in view the tough tyres and body structure of the bike.


  1. Smoothness

Since the body of regular electric bikes have far better and stronger body structure than the folding ones, they offer a smoother and bump free ride on all sorts of riding paths. For this purpose, customers tend to choose regular electric bikes when deciding to go on rough terrain that needs more motor power.


  1. Maintenance

The cost of maintenance of a normal electric bike is quite high; although still less than that of the folding electric bikes.


  1. Battery

The batteries of such electric bikes are always a problem for the riders, since they can run down any minute, providing a very unreliable ride.


Why do people choose Folding Electric Bikes?

Keeping all the above factors in view, it is quite natural that many of you come up with the question that why do people choose folding electric bikes? Well, the answer is pretty simple and the below mentioned advantages of folding bikes will help you understand it better:

  • Folding Electric Bikes are very compact and portable and can prove to be very convenient for people traveling long distances. Folding these bikes will make their size quite minimal and easily adjustable anywhere, be it your car's truck or a bag.
  • The speed offered by a folding electric bike is comparatively greater than that provided by the regular ones. Also, these bikes have a varying speed mode option in them.
  • The best part of folding electric is the aesthetic sense they provide. Many people buy it because it is a new 'growing' trend.