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Christmas Sales: Get upto £300 off!

Understanding Throttled Electric Bikes: Beyond the Pedal Power

In recent years, throttled electric bikes have changed the way we cycle, offering a blend of convenience and flexibility. Unlike pedal-assist bikes, which amplify your pedalling efforts, throttle e-bikes activate the motor directly – you don’t need to begin pedalling for the motor to kick in. They stand out for their immediate power engagement and […]

Best Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Christmas E-Bike Discounts and Deals!

Calling all e-bike adventurers and commuters! The holiday season is right around the corner, and E-Movement is hopping on the bandwagon of offering the best possible product deals with a twist. What better way to celebrate than with the gift of mobility, sustainability, and pure joy? This year, our range of electric bikes is available […]

Pedal Assist vs Throttled Electric Bikes: Which One Is Right For You?

Electric bikes are changing the cycling landscape, offering a versatile range of options for commuters and leisure riders alike. A crucial decision for prospective e-bike owners lies in choosing between pedal-assisted and throttled bikes. Each type comes with its own set of features and benefits, tailored to meet different cycling needs and preferences. Keep reading […]

eMTBs – Understanding Electric Mountain Bikes In Depth

Imagine having a bike that gives you a helpful push when the riding gets tough. That’s what electric bikes do! These bicycles are packed with extra power due to an electric motor, making climbing hills and riding through tough terrain much easier and more fun. Electric mountain bikes (eMTBs), in particular, are designed to let […]

E-Bikes and Seniors: Pedalling Towards Better Health as You Age

Electric bikes are changing the way we think about cycling, especially for seniors. As we age, our exercise goals change, and finding a routine that’s both enjoyable, beneficial, and doable becomes essential for a healthy lifestyle.  A solution that merges fun with fitness, these bikes simplify challenging routes and long journeys by providing pedal assistance, […]

Are Electric Bikes in the UK Legal? The UK’s E-Bike Law Explained (October 2023 Update)

As technology advances and the world becomes more environmentally conscious, the transportation sector has evolved to incorporate more sustainable modes of urban commuting and off-roading. Consider, for instance, electric bikes. They offer a unique blend of health benefits, eco-friendliness, and convenience.  If you live in the UK and are considering purchasing an e-bike, you should be […]

Bikepacking with an Electric Bike: The Complete Guide

Are you ready for the ultimate adventure with your electric bike? We present the exciting world of bikepacking, where every journey is a fusion of cycling and camping. Electric bikepacking combines the thrill of e-biking with the freedom to explore remote landscapes while carrying everything you need on your bike. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer […]

Answering Electric Bike FAQs – Part I: The Basics

Electric bikes are changing the UK’s transport landscape for sure, and it’s no surprise that many are curious about them. Whether you’re a regular cyclist, someone looking for an eco-friendly commute, or just exploring the world of e-bikes, questions are bound to arise. And we’re here to answer them! At E-Movement, we’ve made it our […]

Keep Your Electric Bike Safe – The Ultimate Guide to eBike Safety

The swift rise of electric bikes isn’t merely a passing trend, but an indication of society’s shift towards environmentally-friendly and efficient commuting options. These bikes provide a unique blend of manual cycling and electric assistance, bridging the gap between traditional bicycles and motorised vehicles. As more and more individuals adopt e-bikes for daily use, the […]